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Ny Meetup!


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so, i broached the idea on the mcrmy ny thread of having an ny meetup.

since i'm in the city, i'd like to have in in nyc. but if would be cool if killjoys in other parts of new york had meetups on the same day and phoned in. or at least posted pictures :)

we could have a picnic in central park (unless anybody has other ideas) and try to raise some money for #singitforjapan.

the biggest issue is the date... i'm leaving on the 18th, so i'd like to have it before then. unless that's not an option for most people- i just want to get all of us killjoys together!


friday the 13th (omg, we have to do something related to that)

around 3

prospect park, picnic house [directions: http://www.prospectpark.org/visit/plan/directions ]

bring food & drinks for a picnic, water guns, money to go to the zoo ($8) if we have time, and we might play steal the flag

it's going to be awesome!

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I wanna go! Will it be on a Friday or weekend though? I go to a program that holds me hostage until 5 every day. >_<

EDIT: I just checked my calendar... I can totally make that. (That was a fail of me, not looking at the calendar. XD)

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Unless we change the location to somewhere where everyone can get there in less time

what location would be good for everyone? i only said central park since, well, i'm in manhattan. but i can pretty much make it anywhere...

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