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Best Rock Drummers

Nuclear Sunshine

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My Chem is #4 on Most Popular Punk Rock Bands. sauce.

I'm intrigued.

I think they'd look at this list and have the same *WTF* face on as we do.

The Damned at number 58. WHAT?

Bad Brains at 50. Again...WHAT?

The Vandals at 66.

Minor Threat at 77. gvngbyngjbvgrd?!?!

Dead Kennedys at 21.

Some of the most influential *still popular* punk bands are on the very lower of that list.

And...Hinder's punk rock?

/I'm not trying to offend anyone, this is strictly about the strange rankings.

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Dude, Neil Peart is on this list. I can't rightfully vote for Bob, unless you can vote more than once?

However, I will vote for anyone to keep Jimmy fucking Sullivan off of the top 5.

And Shannon Leto is on the first place. I mean, he's okay, but seriously, FIRST PLACE?! There are other drummers better than him there.

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