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National Dance Day!


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Yes, today is the second National Dance Day!! And, of course, me being a dancer I'm dancing all over the place. My room is already practically in ruins from my random bursts of choreography. I want to do the same thing I did last year which was make up a routine or a short combo to a song you wouldn't normally hear at a dance competition or performance. In other words, good old rock/alternative awesomeness that we all listen to everyday of our lives. Last year I did the beginning of Welcome to the Black Parade which was pretty fun. Now I have too much music to choose from and can't decide what I want to do this year let alone what style. This, my dear MCRmy/Killjoys, is where you guys come in.

I want you guys to suggest a song for me to choreograph to. It can be from any band (I'll put a list of the ones i have on my itunes below) and it can be any style (jazz, tap, lyrical, modern, etc.). Hopefully I'll be able to teach it and videotape it eventually for you all to see.

Adam Lambert (yes, this is really on my ipod. trust me it comes in handy sometimes)


Alien Ant Farm*

The All-American Rejects

All Time Low


Attack! Attack! (UK)

Avenged Sevenfold*

Black Veil Brides


Boys Like Girls

Bring Me the Horizon

Bullet For My Valentine*

Creature Feature


Dropkick Murphys

Escape The Fate (Ronnie and Craig era)

Eyes Set To Kill

Fall Out Boy*

Good Charlotte

Green Day

Hollywood Undead

Jason Walker

Kings of Leon

Last Day Off

Linkin Park

Marilyn Manson

Metro Station

My Chemical Romance* (but that goes without saying, right?) =D

Neon Trees



Of Mice and Men

The Offspring*

One Republic


Panic! At The Disco

Papa Roach

Red Hot Chilie Pepeprs*

Rise Against

Scars on Broadway



Simple Plan

Three Days Grace

Tokio Hotel

The White Stripes


3 Doors Down

The ones with stars means I have covers they've done on other songs. So suggest away. If you think of a song that's by a band not on the list, I'd love to hear it. Be creative =)

Ready. Set. GO!!

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do the german (i think that's the language) version of monsoon by tokio hotel. it's really pretty and even though i'm a shit dancer it feels like one of those songs that lets you be graceful and interpretive no matter what.

Ooh I agree with this.

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