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In Search Of Star Parking For May 8th

ravenblackhardt kj M.O.M.

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Ok, This isnt a topic to start an argument. I have searched ebay, I only found starparking available on a listing for multiple tickets and I already have my tickets.

I bought tickets the day the show became available the day after the first show sold out and at the time I dont think many people even knew they stuck the show in there because it wasnt announced. I believe they did it because that show sold out so fast in presale since the venue is so small. I believe somehow there was a glitch and star parking wasnt listed yet on the first day of the sale.

The 8th show didnt sell out for almost a month where the 7th sold out in a matter of minutes (this is I believe due to the fact that it wasnt an announced date and many people didnt even realize it was snuck in there)

back to my question. Im not miffed, Im not starting an argument, Im just inquiring that if by some slim chance that someone isnt able to make it, and has decided to sell their tix and is interested in selling their star parking pass seperately I am interested.

I would be willing to pay $50 and send you a killjoy armband and a replica ring of fire armband that I made

as seen here:


Or if you are going, but don't really need the star parking pass, I would be willing to still pay the $50 and send the armbands to all in your party, I think I have 4 of the killjoy ones left and 8 of the ring of fire ones.

Trust me, you cant tell the difference between my replicas and the real thing! Im so desperate for these because Im asthmatic and in that tight venue, it is going to be quite difficult for me to breath packed in the crowd. I live seven hours away and I generally leave early and get there in time to get to the front of the line so I can at least be close enough to the front so I can catch air and not be smashed in the middle of the crowd. Since I found out about the star parking and know that no matter how early I get there I have no chance at this, and when I bought my tickets this didnt show on my ticketmaster page, but I have found it did show on purchases the next day I have been franticly searching.

Anyone interested please let me know. I would be willing to pay a bit more.



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NEVERMIND I fortunately found two tickets WITH Starparking on Stubhub! My two friends decided they wanted to bring their significant others along so I was searching for two tickets and low and behold I saw one that says, these tickets come with parking privilages! OMG I couldnt believe it. They were just 70 bucks and most are running over 100 each!

Im sooo happy I could scream!


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