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So I searched and there were no topics specifically about cosplay. I know I'm not the only one here that does it, after seeing the 'Dress up as MCR' topic, but does anyone do any other kind of cosplay?

I cosplay from anime/mangas, games and now MCR. I make my own costumes when needed but simple, normal outfit ones I buy bits and pieces from stores and charity shops.

If you've never cosplayed but always wanted to, you're welcome here. There is no shame in coslaying. I say this cause I'm 26 and usually dress as teenagers/young adults. Oh and I love wearing wigs.

Here's some examples of my work:

Sailor Neptune -Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon


The only things not made by me was the jewellery (earrings, tiara, brooches (neck and bow) and the cloves themselves)

Sakura Kasugano - Street Fighter Alpha 3


Just a close up of the tops.

Fook Yu - Austin Powers in Goldmember


I only made the skirt and altered a tie to have a reverse Union Jack

Frank Iero - I think you guys know


This is before I had the red tie (which I'm getting tomorrow if all goes as planned) and I only put the 'X's over my eyes for make up.

I should have better pics of Frankie tomorrow. But let me see what you guys do too. :D

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Yea, the suits in EVA make it where you have to be damn near perfect to make it look good. One reason why I don't go for skin tight cosplays.

@Otaku - have you tried browsing charity shops or thrift stores? You might find some good stuff for a few bucks.

@Sanity - Aww thank you. :3 And Daria as in Morgendorfer? (sp?)

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I dream of the wonderful day that would be the day I cosplay.

So many freaking characters I wanna be.

Number 1 on my list: Daria.

Freaking love her.

BTW Solai, you totally kick ass. *Swoon*

Daria would look awesome!!

I haven't done any cosplay yet, but I love the idea, I could see myself doing Gerard from I'm Not Okay or Helena...Can't really think of anyone else I could pull off

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Well, these aren't very good pictures, but here you go! ^_^

Haha, my dog wanted to be part of the picture:


And this is my weapon, the massive fan! (or tessen)


Awesome, it looks amazng!

^ That is epic!

I'm going to cosplay as Haine Otomiya from Gentlemen's Alliance Cross for a convention in CT!

I'm currently making the one outfit as I type. :]

I can't wait to see it. :D
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I've never done cosplay either, because I have stupidly low self esteem, but next year at MegaCon, I might dress up like Velma from Scooby-Do haha

in an ideal world, I would be Tank Girl every day of my life, though. Or perhaps Zatanna.

I'm not really into anime so I feel like an outsider here right now D;

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