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Best Shop Ever Perhaps?


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Youtube is being idiot so the title or description won't show up =L

But yesterday we went to town and my sis knew of this shop so we found it

and the place its at is EMPTY, worse place to have a business ever.

But the owners were really nice and put Danger days on and let us dance about for a bit, and when we said sorry they said it was all good entertainment =3 (Plus the dude there had a MCR shirt on)

But if you live in Newcastle in the UK

its in Newgate shopping centre, (on the way down to the train station)

But they have MCR hats, t-shirts and necklaces

i feel like im missing something

But it was a really nice place =3

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also they had a picture of Gerard on their wall and let us stare at their walls and crash on their floor for like an hour :D Seriously though they're in such a crappy location for such a cool place :/

Its one of the first thoughts when opening a business

Location -.-

They pissed that up, but they were really nice =3

We need to get some MCRmy power and push the building someplace else...

It might be cause its cheaper to run a shop there, with rent or something?

if we keep buying stuff they might make a big enough profit to move =D

We did just ser up camp there though, they were soooo nice

and @killjoy72x Next time your up here you can tell us and we could take you there?

Have a killjoy day out...

Lately we're all just meeting up at short notice and going places =D

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