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Mcr Black Parade Is Dead! Gerard Mask/coffin


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Hey everyone!

So, as much as it pains me to do this, I have decided to sell my MCR TBPID! Coffin/Mask box thing inc. TBPID! on DVD, Gerard's mask and... well, you guys know the rest :D.

It was either hold on to this which has been sitting in a dark cupboard pretty much the whole time I've had it untouched, or sell it on to someone else who'd really love it and use any money made from it to go towards travelling somewhere nice this summer (hopefully) to see the boys once more.

Here's the eBay link to it, if anyone has any q's about it or anything else I'll have up on there soon (MCR-related or otherwise) just leave a comment for me on here and I'll get back to you! I'm also on the MCRF forum btw so feel free to contact me there alsoo :)


p.s. Sorry if this isnt the right area to post this in

p.s.s. Sorry this is also my first post here, I've been meaning to sign up for weeks before this but never got round until now when putting all the eBay stuff up - I do want to make sure this goes to a real fan though :)

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Was considering before I saw that. Yikes.

I know its more than I paid for it three years ago, but they are rare, its Gerard's mask, and if I really have to part with it its got to be for enough to put a dent into going to see them elsewhere.

Also, the last one that was sold on eBay went for $422, so when you think about it its not so bad :)

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