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#latinamericawantsmcr #mcrincolombia2011


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The Latin American soldiers are kinda sad and tired of being excluded in the tours...

specially us, in Colombia...where the TBP show was cancelled back in 2008...

So, someone on Twitter started the hash tag #LatinAmeticawantsMCR and the mision is to put the name of a LatinAmerican country where MCR have never been or havent been in a while...(and that's why the #MCRinColombia2011 tag was created)

How you can help??

follow us: http://twitter.com/#!/mcrmycolombia

and also tweet and tweet to helps us make #LatinAmeticawantsMCR and #MCRinColombia2011 TT

we are all a big family, think how we feel...we have never seen MCR on stage :(


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