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Horror/thriller Movies.


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Dawn of the Dead

Day of the Dead

Cannibal Holocaust


Nekromantik 2

Cannibal Ferox




Trouble Every Day

A L'Interieur

Dans Ma Peau


Haute Tension

The Orphanage

Chopping Mall

Toxic Avenger

Eden Lake

Return of the Living Dead 1-3

Diary of the Dead

Island of the Dead

Land of the Dead



Demoni 2

Demoni 3

Two Evil Eyes

Pit and the Pendulum


Bride of Frankenstein


Des Cabinet Des Dr. Caligari


Dead Ringers



Let's Scare Jessica To Death

The Little Girl that Lives Down the Lane

The Sentinel

Zombi 2

House By the Cemetery

New York Ripper


Maniac Cop

Lizard in a Woman's Skin

Cat in the Brain

Body Bags

Creepshow 1+2

White Zombie

The Mummy (Karloff)

Creature From the Black Lagoon

Sleepaway Camp

C. H. U.D

Night of the Demons

Prom Night (original)

My Bloody Valentine (original)

City of the Living Dead

The Beyond

ReAnimator (and sequels)

From Beyond


Silent Night, Deadly Night

Slaughter High



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Mother of Tears


Profondo Rosso (Deep Red)

Phantasm (and sequels)

Dellamorte Dellamore




La Casa 4

Last House on Dead End Street

House at the Edge of the Park

Don't Go in the House

Don't Go into the Woods

House of the Devil

Men Behind the Sun

They Call Her One Eye

Wizard of Gore

Braindead (Dead Alive)

Basket Case

There are a ton more, but I'll have to look through my collection later.

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When I first saw Phantasm, I was about eight and it scared me for a week. That fucking demon ball... that fucking creeper dude...

My bunny rabbit Havoccc Caligari Poe Von Scrimm is partially named after the man who plays the Tall Man (Angus Scrimm). Seriously, Don Coscarelli/Phantasm are so sorely underrated and underwatched!

Diagnosis Death (most unintentionally hilarious horror movie)

Trailer Park of Terror

I apologize that these are pretty much just redneck, shitty movies. They're great though...

Both are pretty interesting ones, I saw TToT when it first came out!

I Love the first Pet Sematary :) still creeps me out lol!

SO creepy. <3

Haute Tension & The Orphanage are great Horror movies. Another which isn't really scary but I just love is May.

May is such a touching one...I think a lot of people feel that lonely...May was just a little cray-cray!

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May is such a touching one...I think a lot of people feel that lonely...May was just a little cray-cray!

I couldn't agree more, underneath it all it's just about a girl who wants to have a friend. I remember the first time I made my best friend watch it, I think she thought I was a little cray-cray for liking it.

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Idle Hands - not scary more of a comedy than a horror.

Creep - If you've ever been on the London underground, this movie may scare you. It did me!

The Descent - watched it when I knew absolutely nothing about it and I still can't really watch it again. Freaked me out!

Steven Kings, IT - I remember my friend playing this during a P.E lesson when I was 13 and everyone in class freaking out cause they thought it was soo scary. I thought it was hilarious.

I know there is more and no doubt when I leave here I’ll be liked ‘HOW COULD I FORGET…’

I like Horror Movies that have some thought put into them, The Saw movies just irritate me.

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