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Mcrmy Video.


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Okay, I'm not adding anymore people to the list.

I have updated as to those people who have sent and who have yet to send me a video.

If you could get these to me as quickly as possible, that would be great.

It may not be done by the 11th, but as long as it's done that's all that matters. :)

I'm giving everyone until the 15th at the very latest to do this. Lets get these videos in!

For those still doing their videos , I've left the information up so you know what to do.

Video Outline

• Introduction to the band + individual band members. (Hopefully get a quote about each member from someone else in the band.)

This would be where the ‘My Chemical Romance’ in different languages comes in.

• Bullets

• Revenge

• Parade

• Danger Days

• MCRmy Pictures / videos.

• Thanking MCR – This is the other video project I have collaborated with.

There are 4 main things to do if you want to be involved.

1. Start off your video with the ‘My Chemical Romance’ in the language of your choice. This can be sent as a whole with the album video, just leave a pause before you start talking about the album so I can cut it.

2. The video about the album. Now this is where your individual personalities and experiences come in. I’m not going to give much advice on how to set this out, because I want these videos to be about what these particular albums mean to you. You can ramble on for as long as you want; the more footage I get the more I can put into the video. (Just remember that not all of it will make it in, Youtube has that stupid 15-minute video rule.) But I will take what quotes and experiences I deem the best fitting towards each album and mix these up with quotes and footage from the band around that era.

3. MCRmy picture / video. Now, as the video is also celebrating the wonderful family we have we need something to express this. I thought that a simple picture, or piece of fan art that expresses your love for the Rmy in some way would be a nice touch. This could be a ‘Thankyou for the MCRmy’ type piece, or a photo like the ones seen in the

If people wanted to, and didn’t feel it would be too much trouble (I know I’m asking for a lot) I’m also taking in videos that show people spreading the MCRmy love. This could be you talking about what the Rmy means to you, or with a group of friends on missions for the Rmy. Feel free to express yourself as much as you want.

4. The Thankyou to MCR – This is the project started by Googs in which she wanted people to write on a piece of paper your "thank you message" to MCR (saying what they have done for you, how they changed your life etc..) and taking a video while holding the paper and saying "Thank you My Chemical Romance" in your native language (to show them they have fans all over the world). Then send this to Googs, as she is putting this part of the project together. Please don't send this part to me. Here is the thread.

List of people already participating

Green - Video received.

Blue - Trouble receiving video.

Red - Video not sent at all.



2.Apocalyptic_Zombie - Russian / English

3.2Djasmin - English

4.cherrybomb - English / German

5.Kaylala - English

6.RadarAnomaly - English / German


1.OurLadyOfSorrows - Spanish / English

2.MakaPorts - English / Spanish

3.MCR=love - Danish

4.Koschei - Scottish Gaelic

5.lastnightilie - English

6.soul eater. - Hiligaynon and Filipino

7.butane_bomber - English

8.TheQueenIsDead - English

9.xxdeathnotronic - English / French


1.graceasaurus - English / Japanese / Spanish.

2.Sonia Marie - Norwegian

3.InThisPoolOfBlood - English

4.atomic gunner - English / German

5.Virus - Spanish / English

6.xXBurnedPagesXx - English

7.BatteryHeart - English

Danger Days:

1.LightMylyka - English / German

2.SulfurSiren - English

3.rowangiggles - English

4.Coffee Noise - Norwegian

5.LeatherLiberation - English

6.mady1232 - English

7.CamelotCasper - English / Russian

8.mancha - Slovenian

9.Adrenaline Sunshine - English


Q: I don't have any clothes that match the album I want to talk about, is that a problem?

A: No, not at all. You can wear whatever you like, it doesn't even have to be anything MCR related. The only thing we really need is you and your experiences.

Q: I don't speak any other languages than English. Is that okay?

A: That's fine! We're all for diversity here in the Rmy, and we need English speaking members as much as we need members that can speak other languages.

Q: I want to do X album, but I feel there are too many people doing it. What do I do?

A: For the moment, I'm going to say I will put you down for a second album of your choice.

This is only because there's such a difference in albums that having 2 people talking about one album, yet 7 people talking about another, will make it hard for the video to come together as a whole.

But. If this project gets enough interest, and the groups start filling up I will message you asking whether you wanted to change albums.

This will only happen if the groups even out though.

Q: What's happening with the subtitles for videos?

A: It's up to you which you do, but you can either send a transcript of what you're saying in an email, or if you are familiar with video editing software you can edit the subtitles in yourself before sending.

Q: Is there a time limit on videos?

A: Nope! You can talk for as long or as little as you like. I'll be picking the best bits out of each video for use in the final product.


All videos and pictures can be emailed to me at artistheweapon@live.co.uk.

(Unless they are for the 'Thankyou MCR' part of the project , in which case you can email Googs at georgidag@hotmail.com)

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Awesome, glad to see there are people still interested. :)

I'm not sure what's going on with this at the moment, because of the other project that's planning on doing a video for the 10 years event.

I'm waiting to see what's happening with that before I start planning this.

If it turns out that they are happy with me doing a seperate video and it's going in a different direction that theirs then I'll start planning it right awxy. ^_^

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Okay, so update on the video.

I'm starting to get more ideas now, as I think I've established it's different from the other 10 years thread.

Possible outline of the video would be to split it into 4 sections, one for each album.

Then, if enough people are interested, I'd get a group of people that became fans in each 'era' (so people who became fans through Bullets/Revenge/Parade/Danger Days).

Each group of people would talk individually about how they first heard of MCR through these albums, and talk about what that particular album means to them.

I was hoping that maybe I could get some sort of theme with each group; some sort of dress code. As far as I know the only two albums that have a definative "dress code" as such is TBP and DD. But for Bullets, maybe have something to do with vampires, and for Revenge maybe the 'all-in-black-with-red-tie' combo. And of course for TBP, band jackets and Danger Days, Killjoy outfits.

But that's just a thought on my part. It's not compulsory.

I would try and interweve the talking from the MCRmy with video clips from that particular era, plus any quotes from that time that I think are appropriate.

The beginning would be as many people as possible saying 'My Chemical Romance' in a language of their choice.

Sorry for the length of this post, I just wanted to let my ideas be known.

Feel free to comment on whether you want to take part, and if there are still people happy to then I'll outline what everyone needs to do and where to send videos. ^_^

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