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Fan Tour Report: Minneapolis


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By. Amber E.

As I sit and type this, my smile hasn’t left my face, and I’m still in amazment. I can’t talk or hear correctly, but I could care less. Some girls were waiting outside the little First Ave venue since 3:30 that morning. Since it was my very first concert ever, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know how big the venue was, and I was soo nervous to meet MCR. I’m 19 now, and have been listening to them since 13 or 14, so it was a very exciting day. We got there and people were lining both sides of the venue on the corner. Waiting for doors to open was nerve racking. I knew that once the doors opened, it would be a rush to the front. I got to go straight to backstage.

One of the tour managers lead us backstage, and suddenly, Gerard, Frank and Mikey walked in. I instantly smiled and kinda froze up. They shook my hand and signed a paper I brought and I asked them for hugs. We snapped a picture, and my camera didn’t flash. So, feeling kinda dumb, the guy handed it back to me to fix it, and it’s a nice touch screen I brought for the occcastion, and one of the boys said, “Ooo a stylus, that’s fancy.” I was so nervous I can’t remember who said it, I think Frank, but the guys were so nice about it and laughed it off. Frank told us to enjoy the show, and they were just very nice and polite. It was short, sweet and to the point, but so worth it. I was wondering why I didn’t get to meet Ray, but I found out. Gerard told us later in the show that Ray broke his foot the night before, but he was being a trooper, and still playing on. He must have been resting in the bus. Meeting MCR was amazing, and something I will never forget. It almost ties with my highlight of the night.

And what we were all waiting for, the amazing My Chemical Romance. All I heard when they walked out was screaming and “Look Alive, Sunshine.” Then they went into NaNaNa, and the crowd went nuts! Gerard has such a way with the crowd that it just amazes me. I was in the middle of the crowd, but I’m pretty claustrophobic, so I ended up moving to the side more, and I got a perfect view of all the guys and it was a prefect spot for pictures.One of the first songs was Vampire Money. I love that song because it just sounds like their having a great time! When they played Planetary, I started video taping. Watching the whole crowd jump up and down was amazing to see. I felt like we were just like this huge family supporting each other when we fell down, or making the new fans feel just as welcomed as the older fans. It was such an amazing feeling. I felt that feeling again, when we all sang along to Black Parade. To hear the whole crowd crying out the words was just heart pounding. I honestly cannot remember the songs in order that they played them, because I was so caught up in the moment, but Summertime was amazing. This warm feeling spread through my chest and I just smiled.When they started playing, I’m Not Okay, I went crazy! That is one of my favorite songs. I was sick and had the beginning of strep throat, but I still screamed along! Vampires Will Never Hurt You made the third highlight of my night. I love when they play the old Bullets stuff.Helena was absolutely amazing, as always. Mama is always a fun one to hear and sing too. I love Gerard’s vocals in that song. Hearing everyone scream “Remember me” to The Only Hope For Me Is You was Awesome! That is one of my favorite songs off Danger Days.Destroya got everyone’s heart pounding. How can it not? It”s a great song and very loud, haha. Hang ‘Em High, which is one of my very favorites, made me soo happy. When they started playing it, I turned to Derek and started freaking. I started jumping and singing. It was awesome.Sing was so powerful. I was almost crying while singing along. It’s such a heart touching song and made for people that need a little boost. Teenagers just made me laugh, I have always loved that song and it just made my day to hear it live. And of course, Gerard said, “This song’s about us, this songs about you, it’s called, Teenagers!”They walked off stage and we all started screaming, “One More Song!” and then they started playing Cancer. Cancer just took my breath away and I did start crying it was that beautiful. I was so touched. I just wanted to hug the people around me. After Cancer, they ended the night with Bulletproof Heart. I thought it was a great ending, plus it’s my favorite off DD.

As Derek and I were leaving, I was still in my own little lala land, and was just so excited and I just wanted to stay at the venue. As we drove away, I just started thinking about tonight and the next time I’ll get to see them play. About 10 minutes after we left First Avenue, Derek proposed to me. We’ve been together 3 years, and he made the coolest day of my life into the most awesome day of my life. I got to meet Gerard, Frank and Mikey, and someone I love very dearly made me their Fiancee. It was just an amazing night.

Thank you so much for this opportunity and for my best ever first concert.Stay Alive out in the Zones!And have some great future concerts!!

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