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My Chem's 4/20/11 Montreal Show


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Be nice to me, I haven't ever posted here before. :)

I'm just going to directly copy/paste what I typed up on Tumblr:

With opening acts The Architects and Anti-Flag

Jade and I made it to the line-up at about 1:30 and it was really worth it, because we were very close to the stage and by the time MCR came on we were right in the front. (not by force, we don’t jab people in the face like some… >_>)

Holy shit you guys. You cannot even fathom how awesome it was last night.

The Architects were pretty cool, I liked their music, but the lead singer was awfully giggly and I think he might have been enjoying 4/20. That’s okay though because it didn’t affect his performance at all, really. Their guitarist kicked serious ass. Gonna have to learn more about these guys.

Anti-Flag. Going to have to learn more about these guys, too. Jade grabbed the lead singer’s guitar pick off of the ground and gave it to me, which is really cool. I liked their music a lot and it was awesome to see a genuine punk band rip their drum set apart and give the pieces to the crowd to carry around while the drummer crowd surfed — never to be seen again ;).

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. HOLY SHIT. Their performance was perfect! It was a little less intimate than the last one I went to but every single band member performed their best. Ray was energetic as usual; Mikey was emotionless; Gerard… was sassy; Frank was crazy-energetic for someone who had a bad cold at the time, and Michael P. yet again was awesome on drums — wish I knew more about him.

After the show Jade and I went out and met with her father to get re-hydrated, and then we ran around to the back where the buses were to see if we could spot MCR anywhere. There were maybe 30 people back there waiting with us. Some guy walked by and said something in French and some lady translated it for us and supposedly he said that the band left 15 minutes earlier.

We all stayed anyway, of course.

So we waited and eventually one of the security guards admitted that Frank was going to come out and sign something for each of us, so we all lined up.

So basically Jade and I met Frank Iero, he signed my MCR poster and her Danger Days booklet. He thanked us repeatedly for coming out and told us all that we were such inspirations to him. He was so kind, he talked to some fanmom for quite a while whilst she told him about how he’s inspired her 11-year-old boy to take up the guitar, and he just stood there and thanked her for supporting her son.

I think I may be elaborating way too much because all of this happened in about 5 minutes before we were told to go away because we had our turn, but I pick up on these little details. lol


(Pics will be uploaded whenever Jade puts ‘em on Facebook)

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