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Mcrmy Bracelets


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So I made this bracelet for my self and it says MCRmy NY. I can't get the picture here exactly but you can go to http://m.facebook.com/pages/can-my-chemical-romance-get-more-fans-then-Justin-Bieber/294604792987?_rdr

To see the picture of it.

I can change the lettering on it ( like NY to Uk or NY to CA etc.)

If you want one I'm willing to make one for you in exchange for $1 ( US money)

OR anything as awesome as a dollar

If ou want one send me an email at milliegurl97@aol.com with your name, address, what colours, and what it should say.

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UPDATE 4-21-11

So the colours I have are




Dark orange

Soft pink


Light purple

Off White

Lime green


Hot pink


Light blue



And like really dirty orange

If you want one email me at Milliegurl97@aol.com with the colors you want and what yoU want it to say, also your name and where I'm sending it to. You can pick at least 2 colours. 1 colour has to be surrounding the letters ( this could be only 1 colour.) the letters can be as many as 10 colours.

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For some reason I can't see the picture o.o But I'm pretty sure that they are awesome, and that I would love to have one! Even though I don't live in the US either... but... is there any other possible way to see the picture?? I would love to see it, before I do anything :P

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