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So, this is a project that is aiming to give you all a place to escape to for a little while.

We want you to share all of your artwork with us, and by artwork it can be anything from:

Drawings / paintings / sculptures

Graphic Design


Make-Up (MCR style ect)

Clothing & Costumes


Body writing (writing things on your arms, hands ect)



And anything else you can think of! The aim of the project is basically to defeate hate with love. We want to show that the best way to express your feelings is through art, in any form. Get as creative as you like with it, we want this art to be a kind of 'us against the world' thing and we want it to inspire others to get help rather than suffer in silence.

If you need some inspiration why not do it as a anti-bullying or anti-racism peice? It can be aimed at just one problem or a whole bunch.

So we want you to send us anything and everything you create as a way of defeating things like bullying, discrimination and so on. Please send all of your art to admin@killjoysonline.com

Eeverything sent in will be featured on killjoysonline.com and will also be made into a anti-discrimination video (a little like what we did for #singitforjapan). Feel free to include tags like #artistheweapon #staybeautiful #keepitugly ect

Please send in entries by 15th May to make it into the first video!

Go to http://mcrmyartistheweapon.proboards.com/index.cgi if you would like more info on the project and why we have started it.

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