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If I Can Raise $5000 Cad I Will Get #singitforjapan Tattooed On My Wrist


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So here's the deal: if I can raise $5000 CAD, I will get #SINGitforJapan tattooed on the inside of my left wrist. All the money raised will be going straight to the Canadian Red Cross for relief in Asia.

I'll even make videos of the tattooing process as well as a video of me actually donating the money to the Red Cross. I'm also going to see if I can make some sort of visual meter so you all can see my progress!

What do you figure Killjoys? Can we raise $5000 and watch me squirm in pain while needles hammer my tiny wrists? I think we can.

A couple of links:

Western Canada MCRmy page on the fundraiser

My personal blog page on the fundraiser (Paypal link here)


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A bit more info about me and my feelings about this issue:

When I found about what happened in Japan, I was as horrified as anyone was. I immediately donated money I didn't really have, but as I watched the news and I looked at the Japan quake map, I felt like the small amount I had donated, while helping, just simply wasn't enough.

So then MCR launched their #SINGitforJapan campaign. I wanted to get involved with the video, but a few factors stopped me: I live in a buttf*ck town where I know no one, I have no video camera, and I have zero visual art skills. However, I've tried promoting the video via my social network pages, I've watched the damn thing countless times, and I'm going to purchase the t-shirt (and buy the mp3, not bootleg it, for once).

Still, not enough.

I remembered the whole damn point of Danger Days: ART IS THE WEAPON. And what's my favorite kind of art? Body art! Tattoos! I know a lot of people who've used the "if I raise $2000 for cancer research, I'll shave my head" thing, so why not apply that to relief aid in Japan? Except up the stakes to $5000, and make it a tattoo that I can never remove? That's a solid amount of money. Now that's a f*cking weapon.

Since March 11th, 1046 quakes have struck Japan or just off the coast of Japan. Just yesterday, 5 hit the area. Earthquakes that strike the ocean floor cause tsunamis. Picture that. The nuclear reactor issue is well documented through several sources of media, so that compounds the issue. People talk about an "earthquake" as if it were just the 9M that hit. No. No there have been literally hundreds.

GUYS, I NEED YOUR HELP! $5000 is a lot of money, but if everyone donates as much as they can afford/ want to, we CAN do this. All of the money raised will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross for Japan & Asia relief efforts. I'll be paying for the tattoo out of my own pocket, and making a video for Youtube so you can laugh at my pain. I'll be getting it on the inside of my left wrist too.

Thanks everyone for reading this, whether you donate or not, but yeah, donating would be super cool.

For your consideration, please take the time to view the Japan Quake Map HERE.

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If a few more Rmy members read this, it could probably done in no time. I'll donate through PP tomorrow. It won't be a huge amount, but you're fighting for something beautiful, so I hope that I can contribute, even if it's small.

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"no im not! and mcr is not emo!"

"Yes they are! just check her wrists!"

*checks wrists and sees tattoos*

"Oh my god its worst than we thought"

Just a random thought that popped into my head while reading this. No offense to anyone.

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