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Fan Tour Report: Grand Rapids


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IMG_1134b.jpg?1303157992IMG_1149b.jpg?1303158088IMG_1313b.jpg?1303157995 By. Paige C.

Ever since I first heard “Welcome to the Black Parade” back in 8th grade, My Chemical Romance has had me hooked. From there, I discovered “I’m not Okay”, “Heaven Help Us”, and countless other tracks of theirs that I listened to on repeat, over and over. I bought every CD and downloaded every song I could, dreaming of the day when I could finally see them live. Unfortunately however, because I was in middle school at the time, my parents wouldn’t allow me to attend the Black Parade tour.

This time around, however, I was eighteen. I was finally going to be able to attend their show and I couldn’t wait. I bought tickets online and was planning on attending the Grand Rapids show with my best friend, Zakk. A couple days later, while on the My Chemical Romance fan site, I found the MCR Road Reporter contest and entered it on a whim, thinking of how awesome it would be to win, but never imagining it would happen. Then, however, I got an e-mail back saying that I was getting two free tickets, two backstage/meet-and-greet passes, and a photo pass. I was ecstatic! My excitement was barely containable. When I called Zakk to tell him, half of what I said weren’t even words—it was just me screaming in delight.

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Paige took nice photos! I like how much detail she got in them! Even the back of Frank's pick! :)

Yeah, they're really wonderful! Definitely put the ones I took in my report to shame! I especially love the one of Ray.

At the place where I had photo passes, the stage was about a full foot-and-a-half taller than my head. So hard to get good pictures! xD!

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