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Project: Mcr Speech


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Hey guys,

This school year I attended a rhetoric course and for my final examination we have to give a speech about a topic of our choice.

Most of us took something like "why money isn't real happiness" or "why doing one's own cooking is better than fastfood" etc. But I wanted to talk about something personal, that has a real meaning to me, something that really deserves to give a speech about...

So guess what i choose. :D

The title will probably be something like "why you should have heard of MCR", I'm not sure yet.

I thought a speech about MCR will be no big deal for me and be done in 1 day... but it's way more difficult than i thought!

The thing is: we shall focus on argumentation and structuring, not on content. So the arguments may not consist of my personal opinion but have to be universally valid and mustn't be disputable.

The aim of our speech is to convince our audience, which will be my "beloved" rhetoric courses... they have no idea about rock music or MCR at all, so it will be very hard to convince them. Especially my teacher.

And I'm sure they will think I finally went nuts when start to talk about such an "insignificant" thing as a band... but i feel like this is one of those rare chances, where I can give something back to our guys ;)

So I'm looking for some inspiration from the MCRmy:

What aspects would you add to a MCR-speech and what do you think may not be missing?

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thats awesome that you're writing this. I personally think that talking about the unique and taightly connected fanbase is really important. Like how we consider ourselves a family even though we live all over the world and how we're always looking out for eachother, whether its helping spread the music to others, being virtual shoulders to cry on, or even supporting those fans being unfairly hated on (most recently by crazy beiber fans)

good luck writing

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I think you should talk about everything MCR has done for the world. talk about the great human beings they are & how they show it to the world through their music.

For example, talk about the SingitforJapan project and how they motivate us to colaborate as people, race and family.

This is a hard one, but... Did you heard about Hannah hind? the fangirl who kill herself? Though MCR was seen as a big factor of her death, they always acted ssuportive & lovely with the family and show the world how affected they were with this.

You could explain the campain of "violence is never the answer"

And add part of songs showing the message of the band....

MCR have great things mostof the people dont see, and they are great human beings. We see those things and we love their letters and music. They have make me a better person and I enjoy being part of this community, the community of MCRMy.

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