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This Post Will Convert You Into A Justin Bieber Fan


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Okay, I will confess that I chose that title to get your attention. But I'm serious.

I want to talk because this week I saw two things happen: SINGitforJapan and SINGitforSniper. And it made me think. First of all, it made me cry, because Gerard singing in the video, and the MCRmy coming together because we care, and then I also saw MCRmy Perú's

and it was incredible. Then I found out about System_Sniper being cyberbullied by a Justin Bieber fan and recovering in the hospital from a suicide attempt, and I saw the MCRmy rise up and protect its own.

And it was uplifting, for the same reasons I’ve expressed my love for the MCRmy so many times, proof that we are unique and we care deeply about people we’ve never met before, the Japanese for their unwarranted suffering and Sniper for hers, that we have a connection based purely on our shared love and passion for these people and the music they’ve given us and what it means to us, that we save lives in the footsteps of our heroes.

But there’s a difference between Sniper’s story and the Japanese people’s. And (disclaimer) this would definitely be harder for me to write, maybe impossible, if I’d actually read everything that went on between them leading up to this. But I can’t bring myself to.

You see, my instinctive reaction to this, as a member of the MCRmy and as a lover of music and as someone who cares about people, was, well, first of all to go and say something, anything to Sniper to carry on. And then secondly, to think about this. And I couldn’t comprehend how something so tragic could come from music. Because our passion for our music is an inspiration. Because loving something is a positive feeling. Because regardless of whether you love the music of My Chemical Romance or Justin Bieber, Beethoven or Lady Gaga, Pink Floyd or Adam Lambert, Green Day or Rebecca Black - it’s music. You love it cause it makes you feel good, cause you think they’re talented, cause it’s inspiring, cause it expresses what’s inside you, your deepest emotions or your daily frustrations, cause you think the artist is attractive - whatever. Your love for someone’s music should neither come from nor cause you to hate someone else’s. And you should never hate someone for what they love.

I tried to understand what drives people to do that anyway. And I realized something. Or, well, I realized a lot of things:

1. People like to feel superior. This is not a criticism. I’m not sure anyone can overcome this. Even the Dalai Lama must like to feel superior, with moral high ground and all.

2. People use this as a defensive mechanism. When someone attacks you and tries to push you down, you get as high as you can. If you feel criticized, you react with defiance. I even think this is healthier than polite deflection or acceptance, because you need to protect your sense of self and this matters to you.

3. People criticize others for their musical taste for the same reason they criticize others for anything else - only when it’s different from their own. At some level, there is both disagreement and a lack of understanding of each other. And also because of #s 1 and 2. Too often I see us falling victim to the worst part of hipster culture, to the part of us that says we are superior for liking this music, but this is also because we are finding a way to make ourselves feel better about no one else understanding.

4. When people are criticized for their musical taste, if the music matters enough to them, it feels like a personal attack. You fight back. As MCRmy we know this well. We often bond because people who don’t understand call us emo, look at us with disdain or disgust or dismissal, say we’re immature, say we don’t understand x thing they do about life, call us delinquents, have fear of something they just don’t understand, teenagers scare the living shit out of them. And we take that and we say, they don’t understand and we do, let’s bond over this. We take that and we say, I don’t give a fuck what you think because this is what matters to me.

So ironic as it is, we know well what Justin Bieber fans go through. Because let’s imagine this, and let’s compare it to our own experiences:

A ten year old girl is in the car with her family, and a Justin Bieber song comes on the radio. Say it’s Baby, because that’s actually the only one I really know, and just the chorus. She thinks, oh, this song is catchy. I like it. And she asks her older sister who it is. Older sister rolls her eyes, says, oh, that’s Justin Bieber, he sounds like a girl. The chorus comes on and she groans, and her parents shut it off. Ten year old doesn’t say anything about it again, but she looks him up when they get home.

I myself grew up in a household where I never heard the Top 40 radio, and I also never heard Green Day or MCR or Evanescence. I never heard anything but what my parents listened to. To this day I don’t know what made my childhood different, but it’s only in the past year that I’ve heard the name Beach Boys and remembered hearing it when I was seven from a friend and not knowing what they were talking about. I grew up in a household where if a rap song was somehow accidentally heard, my parents would make fun of it first and then shut it off; where the rest of my generation was somehow seen as a separate group with an immature taste in music. I missed a lot, I’m still kind of bitter. I still can’t play my music at home. Best case scenario, no one understands and my sister says “I’ve heard a lot of MCR songs, but Black Parade isn’t really my style, I’m more of a Green Day person, and I don’t think I want to experience a concert” and I’m left totally conflicted. More likely my parents claim headache and ask me to turn it down and my father gives me the cold shoulder for a while and my mother says it’s just not her taste, so she shouldn’t have to try listening to my music just because it means something to me.

Sometimes MCR fans have to downplay how much they love the music so their classmates don’t give them weird looks. Sometimes Justin Bieber fans have to keep their mouths shut when their classmates groan because one of his songs comes on the radio. For some reason, it’s become commonplace for completely random videos on youtube to have as second-top comment “so much better than Justin Bieber” or “5 people can’t stop listening to Justin Bieber.” For all he’s a “pop”(ular) artist, where the hell do these people go for someone to commiserate with?

Oh. Right. Wherever they said it would be a good idea to cyberbully an emo kid to death.

Justin Bieber fans (or maybe now Rebecca Black fans, which, good question: do those even exist? Where the hell do they go, when people think it’s a good idea to tell her “you should just starve yourself to death like all the other teenage girls”?) are like the lowest of the low. Everyone ridicules the ten year old girl, or the seventeen year old boy who’s gotta keep how catchy that song is, how inspiring Justin Bieber actually is for what he’s done in the same amount of life (no, I haven’t seen that movie either) to himself like a secret because otherwise they’ll call him a ten year old girl. So when they don’t want to give up loving this music everyone seems to hate, what are they doing?

Same thing we are. “I’m not letting you stop me from loving this music just cause you don’t understand.” “I’m not letting yet another person insult my taste because SO THERE.” “Well clearly, you just don’t understand talent, you emo-”

Well. It seems the Belieber crowd is ripe for the picking here in the punk community. We’ve got the defiant, I-don’t-care-I’m-gonna-make-my-own-nation attitude down. Join us and find validation.

This is why they should listen to Insomniac and the Black Parade. This is why we should have a bit of respect for them, so they don’t end up like oh-I-didn’t-realize-you-could-actually-die girl (although really, for all this I can’t find the humanity in her. So I definitely don't mean to romanticize Justin Bieber fans. Now would be a really bad time for that, when evidently some of them are really fucking shallow. You didn’t realize words have power, whatever. If your hate for someone you’ve never met based on music is so strong that you feel good about the idea of actually killing someone, that not even that’s enough to make you take a step back - well. I did say the MCRmy was special. We care.) Because yes, it’s not just a belief, it’s something I feel, what Gerard said himself about the sense of freedom you can’t find anywhere the way you can in this music. It is different. We can feel that Justin Bieber’s music never saved lives the way MCR does, and we can be valid in that. But I better not see anyone tweeting #JustinBieberneversavedlives or I will hunt you down, because what we should be doing is raising our fists in unison to everyone’s individual power and passion because that is what our music means.

I don’t even know what this turned into. tl;dr we should show the Beliebers how to love ostracized music the right way: through love, not hate; through passion and defiance and inspiration, through SINGing it for Japan and for Sniper and for the ones that’ll hate your guts and for yourself and for the world. Because people we never met are dying and we care because through MCR, we know that’s when living is what matters.

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i get what you mean i THINK anyway

im not a justin bieber fan though,

I think the thing is with beliebers the ones i know well have been horrible to me, so im not gonna go saying they're great but its wrong to put them in that catagory,

People like there own music, let them get on with it.

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...*starts clapping*

I'll co-oparate if they will. I have never insulted someones taste unless they start it. For me it's like Let me listen to MCR, Bowie and The Cure, then I don't mind what you listen to, because I respect your opinion. But an opinion doesn't mean trampling on other people's music tastes.

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Your thread title makes no sense to what you actually posted. I am not a Bieber fan. I don't hate his fans or even the guy himself. I think the chorus of "Baby" is catchy, but that's it.

I don't get why it matters if you're a fan of X or Y.

But honestly, yes, I think someone's music CAN be a reason to hate the artist. Like artists who talk about sex, rape, violence, etc. If those ideals don't jive with you, it's ok to hate the artist. You can hate someone or something without going out and hating ON them.

There's such a thing as quiet hate, that I think most people do. Some people just like to hate on other people for whatever reason and that will always exist.

So, if you hate Bieber, that's fine with me. Just the outward hostility towards other people who like him is a bit ridiculous.

I think this thread is in some sort of vortex where people don't *quite* make sense. I felt like I just did a weird ramble.....merr.

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I commend you for that post.

When I read about #SINGitforSniper, the only thing I wanted to say to the 'Belieber' was this.

"If for one minute you think you're better than a sixteen year old girl in a Green Day t-shirt, you are sorely mistaken. Remember the first time you went to a show and saw your favorite band. You wore their shirt, and sang every word. You didn't know anything about scene politics, haircuts, or what was cool. All you knew was that this music made you feel different from anyone you shared a locker with. Someone finally understood you. This is what music is about."

For me, this has to be one of the most inspirational quotes from Gerard.

It reminds me that you don't have to be ashamed, or hide the music that you love away to 'fit in'.

Every music fan, regardless of music genre, is the same.

We all share a passion for music, be it for a band or a solo artist.

We all know what it's like to feel connected with other people that like the same music as you.

We all know how it feels when you listen to those first beats on the drum, those first strums of the guitar, those first lyrics from the singer from a band you love.

But sadly, not everyone thinks like that.

They don't think of how hurtful it actually is to be critisised for the music you listen to.

They don't think of what they would feel like if it happened to them.

People are always going to stereotype, attack, bully, because of the types of music we listen to.

But when that happens, I say F.T.W.W.W. And listen to the music you love all the more.

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Exactly! That's what I was trying to get at.

"If for one minute you think you're better than a sixteen year old girl in a Green Day t-shirt, you are sorely mistaken. Remember the first time you went to a show and saw your favorite band. You wore their shirt, and sang every word. You didn't know anything about scene politics, haircuts, or what was cool. All you knew was that this music made you feel different from anyone you shared a locker with. Someone finally understood you. This is what music is about."

I LOVE that quote. It's possibly my favorite quote from him ever. It just means so much to me personally.

I -AM- however, a huge fan of that one Bieber song that got slowed down by 700%. It takes 30 minutes to listen to 1 song, and it sounds like whales venturing across the Arctic Ocean. THAT is rad.


DUUUUDE! Link me! lol.

^ What she said!

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Still not a Belieber and never will be. Nothing against Beliebers though, most of my friends are and they always talk about him.

I think Bieber in an okay kid i mean he's nice, he does good deeds. Just not my type of music to be honest. I would never say "Go kill yourself" or "Go die" to anyone because i've learned how bad it feels to hear that. One thing MCR has taught me is not to bully. I used to tell people to "go die", i didn't mean it of corse. I was young and when they fucked with me a got really mad. You would rarely see me say that anymore.

Also one quote from Bambi i really like "If you don't have nothing nice to say... Don't say nothing at all".

So yeah, i've been bullied so many times before. I've been called fatty, goth, emo, piggy, laughed at, people asked me if a was pregnant and it was terrible. I was kinda anorexic for awhile and also self harmed myself when i felt really down. Anyways, I'll just end it here and say i don't bully and i don't understand why you should.

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That's exactly what i think.

but you know,i love justin's music and i respect him,but i don't call myself a fan.

and i've meet some beliebers over the internet and they seem cool,cause i've

maybe spend 1 or 2 hours talking to them but then again like you say there are some "beliebers" that are really close minded and those are the ones i don't like.

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You're right. It's stupid to create drama over what bands people like. Why should it even matter?

I don't personally like Bieber, but my best friend loves him. She also loves My Chem.

So I've been forced to listen to him full blast when we drive places and she also forced me to watch the movie.

Those people hating on Bieber or My Chem, or any other band should just be quiet. Music is a personal choice.

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Good thing for this thread. I hadn't heard anything about Singitforsniper.

I don't have anything against Justin Bieber and I don't think he can really be blamed for what his fans do, but I just don't listen to that type of music. Good for the people that do like his music though.

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Guest WildEyedJoker18

Topic creator, I love you.

I keep telling this to people: you can't hate people for the music they make or listen to. It's like booing someone offstage at a concert. You just DON'T do that. It's so rude. Everything that artist did to get to that stage and play FOR YOU is pretty much their WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE. I mean, I basically loathe Paramore, but I respect the fact that what they're doing takes time, energy, and they've put their heart and soul into that annoying single or record.

People are bitches, especially when it comes to opinions. Some people can just let someone like "wierd" stuff and be "eccentric", and others can't. People like that need to realize that the world does not revolve around them and that one day their time will come. Until then, the MCRmy will be here to aide the victims, because we fucking care about and love them.

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Hugs all around!

Yeah, I think that's one thing that keeps me open-minded about music: I can't judge an artist without thinking about how hard it would be for me to even do that much, and then I'll give them credit for the talent and the effort even if the results don't much appeal to me. And for those who share passion like the MCRmy, love makes us great.

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preach it, sister.

i personally don't like justin's music but many people don't like mcr. it's not fair that some mcr fans are hating jb fans when one huge message from this band is to be yourself? surely we should be encouraging that amongst everyone.

idk i'm not making sense, nevermind.

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