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Which Band Do You Prefer?



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  1. 1. which band do you prefer?

    • 30 seconds to mars
    • Simple plan
    • Green day
    • Paramore
    • Panic! At The Disco
    • Not like any of these. My heart is one of the MCR

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Guest WildEyedJoker18

I like My Chemical Romance, then Green Day, then Panic!, then 30 STM, then Simple Plan. And NEVER do I like Paramore. Haha, just thought I'd share with you!

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To clarify: I voted Green Day because I thought the final option meant, "I don't like any of these bands..." and while it is true that the #1 band in my heart will always be MCR, it is not true that I don't like any of the other bands, haha!

Also, of the bands listed: I prefer Green Day, then 30STM, then Simple Plan, P!ATD (only because I've never really listened to them!) and not Paramore.

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My Chemical Romance is the only band on that list that I like at all =/

Yet I wouldn't quite say my heart belongs only to them

There should be an "other" option

I feel like Im the only one that doesnt completely hate Paramore

I don't completely hate Paramore. Their songs are catchy. I don't think they're the worst band on the list.

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I like MCR more than Panic. But I I can't say my heart goes to MCR. I like them and everything. we've had some up and downs, a divorce hearing here and there but we went to therapy. Dr. Drew didn't take my shit and have to say, Marie is right on the other. or maybe edit the MCR option

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MCR and I are legally separated. Until they apologize about the penguin incident, I can do whatever I want with John Nolan. Would you like to come over and have some tea?

My other, even though I like panic and MCR would be--straylight.

so really choosing three bands on your poll.

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