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Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge - Interpretation


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I saw an interview where Gerd said it was about "a man and a woman who get seperated by death in a gun fight, and he goes to hell, and realise by the devil telling him that she's still alive. The devil says "you can be with her again, if you bring me the souls of a thousand evil men" and so he hands him a gun and he says "I'll go do it" that was the idea behind the concept but the record ended up being more about loss in real life than anything, so I'd say it's split." I got that qoute from the video below...

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so all i could get after listening to the album thrice in a go is that the album is about dilemmas. all sorts, which in the broader sense is what life is too.

in actuality we face so many decisions everyday and that is what u see in the album,

if u go by concept the emotion of love is a highlight and how it can actually mmake lovers do almost anything is evident too.

like when two ppl r badly in love they would do anything to get away(if their families dont allow them to be together) and they would do anything to survive...

further if u go by individual songs

HELENA- "whats the worst that i can say , things r better if i stay" this line perhaps reflects on the so called concept of moving on... the same thing that is evident in life as well(last scene of titanic too)

GIVE EM HELL KID"if u were here id never have a fear, so common live ur life but i mess u more than i did yesterday" true, u leave ur loved ones due to some reason or other not realising their worth then or due to someother prblm, but later what u feel is exactly what is written in the snippet above.

TO THE END- according to me this song is well about to pple bride and groom who thought they were bad, sumthin like gees case, like he always thought that he'd never find a girl and so all he wanted then to find someone would marry him, bury him and carry him to the end...(just a theory)

similarly all the other songs can be interpreted in a way too. to put it simply 3 cheers shows you the nasty side of life, the prblms everyone faces, sort of like trying to show us that life isnt as rosy as it seems.

morover come to think of the concept---- we know the lovers nevr meet though the guy did everything that the devil said , that could also imply that love isnt easy, and that all love stories dont have a happy ending that life isnt actually a fairy tail.

hope this was helpful :) :) otherwise also id really like to read ur theories and ideas, then maybe id be able to help a little more..

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