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Franks Tattoos


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misfits tattoo on left shin

revenge tattoo on left wrist i think

i wish i were a ghost on right wrist

ftw on right arm

something on his neck...


halloween on knuckles

scorpion on neck

NJ on lip (tho i think it might have faded by now)

keep the faith on his back

lady of sorrows on his arm

another NJ on his arm

chest tattoo of something

search and destroy across his waist (search on left then and on stomach, destroy on right)

black flag symbol

skeleton crew logo behind ear

those are all of the ones that i know of, but i know that he's got a bunch more. if you find any, tell me

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He has 'romantic' with a broken heart on his opposite hand

I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding the band's private lives. But due to the fact that they have families, they should remain out of the public eye. That means discussions involving their families are not allowed. The band works hard to create music / art for you and they deserve privacy. If you see posts of this nature, please report them and a mod will take care of it.

Thank you for abiding by the rules. We appreciate the respect and what your contributions to this community!


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there's an absolutely amazing girl on livejournal who did this huge 'catalog' of his tattoos.

Part 1

Part 2

Main contents page i don't know how she it - it's truly mindblowing. she has all sorts of things like a timeline, sources, rumors. hell, she organised them by body part!

basically, all you need and more.

edit: i think she may have done it a couple of years ago so he might have got some new ones after it all.

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Can I just say I really want that pink belt? Like really want it.

And how painful do you think it was for him to get his inner lip tattooed?

i've heard they're relatively painful even to people who have had tattoos done. depending on the person, lip tattoos tend to fade over a couple of years and many people have to have them touched up or redone. i doubt they fade away completely, but it might get faint and smudged. i don't know from personal experience, this is just what i've heard. frank's might have faded - i haven't seen any recent shots of it.

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I'm dreading this Christmas when I hopefully get the inside of both my wrists tattooed with his doves. I'm thinking pain... but my navel tattoo ticked, so I don't know.

Back to Frank's tattoos. What're your faves?

Mine's the doves and the guns on his lower back.

One word for you - Ametop. It's the stuff they use at hospital to numb your hand before putting the drip thingy in. I was talking to a tattooist about getting my foot done and he won't do areas like feet without it cos they're sensitive and really easy to mess up if you flinch!

Back to Frank - I love his birds, I want them done under the nautical star/compass I've already got on my back, but without the angel/devil bit. I also love his bookworm one cos I am one and his Hopeless/Romantic ones for the same reason.

Btw the one you couldn't work out, behind his ear, is the skeleton crew logo. I have it on a t-shirt :)

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