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Painting My Room


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K, so my room is all weird looking (my friend's first look at it made him laugh), so im finally painting it. I wanna paint one picture from each album on each of the four walls, what are some pictures for the first album, and the third? Keep them simple, i am a little goot at art but the album covers are nearly impossible, there would be so many paint colors to buy and mix.

Sofar i have

Bullets: nothing yet

Revenge: Ring of fire

Parade: Nothing yet, ill attempt the skeleton marching guy if i cant find anything else

DangerDays: Obviously the spider

I also wanna put the mcrmy logo somewhere, then the white 3 lettered mcr logo, then on the blk parade wall, the old logo with the cool font.

Ill post pictures when its all finished if u guys want

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You could paint Pepe the marching skeleton- the skeleton on the cover of The Black Parade- on your wall to refer to their third album.

If you need something that's easier to draw to refer to, paint one of the band member's Day of the Dead mask onto your wall. One of them made a really simple one, so that shouldn't be too hard to paint out.

Technically their Day of the Dead mask still apply to The Black Parade since they were a promotional item that went along with The Black Parade Is Dead!

I consider those two to be one in the same since The Black Parade Is Dead! is essentially just a live CD/DVD set of them performing all the songs from The Black Parade.

Here's a reference picture to all five of the masks.


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Wow. Have fun with this project. I'm awful at drawing, so I could never attempt this. My room is also a funny shape. If I wanted to put one album per wall, I'd need to wait 'til they have 8 albums. Also I think ^ is good.

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if your a not so good painter like me can i suggest using stencils which you will have to make.. or Masking tape. Stick it to your walls so it outlines the shape like first the basic shapes and then just paint and once you take it off you will get the right lines and then you can like wait for it to dry and then do the next part that would go on top of the basic shape...

I would start with may be the spider because you don't have to do any layers just tape up your wall and paint away.

well any way thats how i would do it.

it would be cool to do the cover art but ... that would be hard...

The guns all in a circle


the clock face is pretty cool

also think about where your going to put ur Furniture you don't want your art to be covered after all the effort wink.gif

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