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Fan Tour Report: Denver


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For months I had been waiting for the concert. It seemed like every day was longer than the one before it. Walking down the line of fans was like nothing I have ever experienced before!  Chalk drawings decorated the sidewalk with pictures and lyrics. It had never even occurred to me to bring sidewalk chalk, but it was a creative idea! The sidewalk symbolized a large painting of all the adventures and stories of the band. People passing by took several glances at the carefully drawn artwork, and were often careful to step around it.


The meet/greet was a sure highlight of my year! I am very thankful to have the opportunity to meet the band. My guest and I would like to say a huge thanks to the band that were more than willing to meet/greet with the fans.  I’m surprised I was even able to walk up to them I was so nervous. They turned out to be friendly, passionate, and fun! I shook hands with them all, and received a signed poster (which will later but placed in a frame). We also took photos which will be printed off as soon as possible! I found the smiles and greetings were plenty to handle at the time.


While some had on a My Chemical Romance T-shirt others wore a stylish costume. They were showing off their Killjoy outfits, including many colors of the rainbow. Talking to the fans was a blast! All of them had a unique personality and seeing them all together was like an army ready for battle; the MCRmy that is. We were not seeking a fight, but rather establishing an immense bond between ourselves, the music, and the band.

            To say that the concert was great would be an understatement. There are no words to describe how astonishing it went.  The venue, the Fillmore, was a great place for it to be. It was dark inside, not completely but just right. We found ourselves finding a place to sit at before the first band played. Softly chatting with those around us we found ourselves talking about the same thing, how excited we were for the performances. Soon after it got a bit darker, you heard cheering in every direction. After the wonderful support bands played, it was finally time for the My Chemical Romance to take center stage. At first I was a bit confused; I heard chanting close up front. Then I realized that they were chanting for MCR to come out. And they didn’t have to wait long before their demands were met. Starting off with the crowd pleasing “Na Na Na” was excellent for getting the crowd moving and keeping them upbeat. Afterward the crowd couldn’t wait any longer, and Happy Birthday was sung to the young Gerard. The concert continued on. Songs were blasted to the back row, and the audience couldn’t get enough. It was amazing to see a band make such an impact on so many people. And to see how the band showed their gratitude toward us, they were sure to remind us to take care of each other by picking up those who fall down. We sung songs from several albums and were in unison with Gerard and our vocals were complemented with music played by Frank, Ray, Mikey and Mike (and in some cases James). Old time favorites such as “The Black Parade”, “I’m Not Okay” and “Vampires Will Never Hurt You” were clear reminders of “The Kids From Yesterday.”

It was overall an amazing night for all! We sung, danced, and loved every second of it! People expressed their creativity, and love for the band.  I bet there is something that we can all agree on, a My Chemical Romance concert is one that cannot be missed! It is an experience that will never be forgotten.  But always remember to “Keep Running!”

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