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Denver Show Experience


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Haven't seen anything put up about the Denver show. Sold out, Fillmore, Saturday night, Gerard's Birthday, City where he got married. I would say the band was fired up. This is my 3rd MCR show, Warped tour and Taste of Choas supporting Three Cheers both times. So it had been awhile, drove 7 hours to get to Denver for the shows, went with my cousin. Pulled into Denver around 5:20 Saturday. Checked into the Ramada 2 blocks down from the Fillmore. The room was $66 bucks, usually a $90 - $100 place, so we got a steal. Started to party away, headed out around 6:45, the ticket said 7, we were gonna grab a bite on the way. Walked down and there was a line around the block. Around the block. I have been to the Fillmore around 20 times, never have I had to walk around the block. Usually I skip the opening band and that was tonights plan, but didn't work out that way. Got in the venue around 7:45, it was an all ages show, which I told myself years ago, I am to old for an all ages show, and it is a pain in the ass to drink at an all ages show, but I didn't realize it was an all ages show, and didn't really even think about it. So we wondered around looking for beer, finally found out you have to go upstairs, the line was 25 people deep, and one bartender. Great. Stood there for 25 minutes, Architects started, when I looked up the Architects on Amazon, it gives you a scremo band from the UK, so that is who I thought it was gonna be, when they started, it was new york punk, with some soul or midwestern feel?? Wasn't what I was expecting, but not bad in any way. We wondered around and couldn't see anything from up top and asked the security guy if this is where you had to hang if you were drinking and he said you can go down low on the other side of the venue. Wandered down to the main level, and right past a bar that had about 3 people waiting in line. Took up space around the front on the side where you could drink, caught the last bit of Architects and then the first half of Neon Trees in that spot, since we bought two huge beers, thinking that was the only bartender around, and you couldn't go on the floor with booze. Neon Trees were great, the lead singer took off his socks and threw them out in the audience. Think that is the first time I have seen that. He sings and plays the keys sometimes, I thought why don't they just get someone to play the keyboards so he can jump around some more. Thought it was cool they didn't play Animal last. They rocked a lot harder live than on the album, good set. Didn't think it was to long, and the lights went down and Look Alive Sunshine audio starts, or I think it does, the screams took over. Here is what we got:


Thank you for the Venom

Planetary Go

Hang Em High

Vampire Money


The Only Hope for Me is You

House Of Wolves


Neat Neat Neat - Cover by the Damned

I'm Not Okay

Famous Last Words


Welcome to the Black Parade



Vampires Will Never Hurt You




Bulletproof Heart

Couple things that stood out, between a couple songs Gerard would start a Happy Birthday to Him. Played Neat Neat Neat because it was his birthday. Ray hurt his foot or something, Gerard said that Ray broke his foot, and he kind of looked in pain or was limping some, so Gerard says lets get this thing over, and went into the next song. Overall great show by the band. Songs that stood out, Mama, Planetary, Okay, crowd went crazy for the Black Parade, Teenagers back to back. Bulletproof heart is great, wonder if the band likes it or, is gonna be the next single, or why end the show with it?

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