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Mcr Picture Challenge

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Okay, this is pretty fun. I've seen it on other forums and I thought I'd start one here.

What a picture challenge is, is well, a picture challenge.

I will set the first challenge, and then somebody has to go out and do the challenge, and then post the picture on this thread. The person who completes the challenge has to come up with a new challenge. Then somebody has to do that challenge and post it on here, and on it goes.


You in your Killjoy outfit, You beside a poster of Frank Iero, A picture of you and three other Killjoys,

You yourself don't have to be in the picture if you don't want to, unless the challenge says you MUST be in it.

The rules:

1. Every challenge MUST have to do with MCR at some way.

2. Every challenge MUST BE LEGAL.

3. You CAN NOT do you're own challenge. You can complete as many challenges on here as you want, but you can't do your own.

4. Every picture posted MUST be taken AFTER the challenge has been set.

5. Try not to do every single challenge. Give other people chances to play too.

6. If a challenge has already been completed, please move on. Don't post a bunch of pictures of a challenge that's already finished!

7. Don't repeat a challenge. Always start a new one.

8. If the challenge hasn't been finished within a week, then the creator of the challenge has to make a new one.

Go out, have fun with this. Be creative! It can be random, serious, whatever! Just Have Fun! You don't have to participate if you don't want to, I just thought it'd be fun :)


These should be possible. Don't make them like, you beside Ray Toro while holding a bananna and an icecream cone while riding a bike.

Well, that may be possible, but you get what I mean ;D


A picture of any My Chemical Romance album next to an A&W rootbeer pop can

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