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Music Appreciation Ftw


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If you need a place to:

-Rave about your new favorite song

-Find some decent new bands to listen to

-Chat about music

-Rant about artists/the industry/fans/anything music-related

-Hang out with people who are owned by music just as much as you are

...this is for you.



(because this is an opinion-oriented topic and those tend to be dangerous)

-Don't directly bash anyone else's music choices.

-If you're giving a song suggestion, it would be fantastic if you included a youtube video of the song.

-When asking for suggestions, name some of your favorite bands/genres/songs and some bands/genres/songs you really don't like, so we know what to recommend.

-Remember that opinions are like assholes; everyone has one and they all stink. Your opinion isn't any better than anyone else's; every opinion on this topic is equal.

-Appropriate: I can't get into them or I don't really like them. Inappropriate: I wish they would just die slow or They're terrible, what are you even thinking?.

-Have fun and keep the topic alive!



1. Go to YouTube and find a video of your song.

2. Copy the URL and return to this topic.

3. Click on the Quick Reply thing. On the little toolbar with the bold, italic, and underline buttons, click on the icon that looks like three pictures.

4. Paste the URL.

5. The video should show up when you post.


I've had these on repeat ALL WEEKEND:

I love, love, LOVE Mayday Parade. If you like this, go listen to their song 'Miserable At Best'. They had a different backup singer when Miserable was recorded and he was just amazing.

I could read Vic Fuentes's lyrics for fun, goddammit. If you like this, try Besitos, Caraphernelia, and Yeah Boy and Doll Face.

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I think August And Everything After is an album that can withstand the tests of time. It's so fucking good, even today. I'm never bored, always moved when I play it.

Tonight, Tonight, one of the best songs from the 90s.

Enema of the State when you play this, no matter what age you are, you'll always feel/go back to being sixteen. In a good way.

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I really love Seether. And I think quite a lot of you would too (although a lot of Seether fans consider them 'too hardcore' or whatever <_<).

I'll pick a few songs out for you...

A heavier one:

A slower one:


The best cover song ever:

Their new single (video comes out 19th April :D):


Sorry for posting so many links!

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The Dreaming is a band I really love. Based in Hollywood, CA, they're mostly hard rock (classified as post-punk, electronica, new wave) and they're awesome. This is just my opinion though. The lead singer and drummer are from a band called Stabbing Westward that disbanded back in 2002 and The Dreaming was formed the same year.

This is their music video for 'Beautiful' (now called Ugly on the album) and was featured on the Elektra soundtrack.

And this is another song from their album, it's called 'Dead To Me'.

Their album is called 'Etched in Blood' if anyone likes them. :3

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