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Imcrd New Jersey Official Planning Thread


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IMCRD in New Jersey needs to be HUGE, especially on MCR's 10th anniversary. This is basically for sharing ideas and planning IMCRDs in Jersey, but as of now, it's the official IMCRD NJ thread.

The goal is to set up a few MCRmy gatherings across NJ to celebrate International MCR Day in a fun, unforgettable way. The gatherings will include food, activities, giveaways, socializing, and more. I need your help to come up with activities, etc. Later on, I'll need event coordinators (people named in charge of running the IMCRD in their area).

Ideally, we should have:

  • IMCRD activities planned by the end of April
  • IMCRD event coordinators named (one per every few counties, maybe?) by mid-May
  • Flyers/activity idea lists/etc. distributed to event coordinators by the end of May
  • Specific IMCRD locations/times chosen by the end of May
  • Rabid flyer-taping and shameless promotion up until IMCRD, on July 23rd.


Until we get to the serious chiz, we need YOUR deliciously creative selves to come up with activities to make NJ's 10th IMCRD absolutely unforgettable.

Any ideas? Consider food, games, contests/giveaways, etc.

I was thinking about doing an art show. Killjoys bring their fan/MCR-inspired art, everyone votes for the best project, and the winning artist gets some kind of prize...maybe Danger Days vinyl?

**IMCRD NJ Twitter**

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