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Help With A Video Project


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Dear fellow killjoys,

My mom almost let me go to a My Chem concert for my birthday, but my dad said no. He thinks they’re a bad influence (because they swear and have loud ‘violent’ music), when really, they’ve actually made me a much better person than he will ever know. I need the help of the MCRmy to persuade my dad. If enough of you send me videos of you telling my dad why MCR is a good influence on people and that going to see them live is a good thing, then I will put all your videos together and show him the final product. If you guys want, I’ll also post it on my tumblr for others to see and maybe if any of you have strict parents, you can show them the video too.

All you have to do is reblog this to get around to as many killjoys possible and send your video to MCRproject@yahoo.com

Thank you, MCRmy! You mean the world to me<3

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