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Mcrmy Gesture Poll :)


MCRmy Gesture Poll :)  

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  1. 1. A poll to decide what MCRmy gesture to use from the forum :)

    • Gerard's hand spazz thing
    • Rogue Finger
    • The 'K' gesture
    • Gerards pointy finger and face
    • Gerard's hand spazz thing simplified (point point, pat pat, point)
    • Sign Language (K+J together)
    • Jazz Hands

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Hey can some one Describe and explain what the K J hand signal is?

like how to do it and what it means?

thank you!

The K J hand signal is the ring finger, the middle finger, and the thumb extended, but the pinky and the ring finger still curled. This is because in American Sign Language a k would look similar to this hand position (aside from the thumb not being in quite the right place), and the thumb kind of makes a j. The k and the j are for KillJoy.

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No, they call it 'rougue pinky' because it is seperated from the rest of the hand. That is just what people that started wanting that as the jesture named it. Not to be confused with the ring finger. LOL

XD no, there was a picture in a past post about the rogue pinky, but whoever made it didnt know what to call the ring finger.

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