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Okay so I’m not entirely sure I’m posting this in the right place. I didn’t know if it should be under the mission or not.... I wasn’t sure if this counted. Because it’s not exactly MCR related but It’s kind of a big project and I figured that a lot of the folks in the MCRmy would be down for it so... yeah I don’t know. I figured this board was the safest bet but if a Mod or Admin or something pops by and thinks it ought to be moved or something cool beans.

Alright so... I have an idea for a project. I have no idea how big this could get. I don’t know if anyone else will help me out here. I don’t know. But I really want to give this a try. So alright back story here. I’m on tumblr and I’ve been getting a lot of stuff on my dash lately that just absolutely breaks my heart. People I like... normal, different, wonderful people who I don’t really know but whom I care about nonetheless. They’re getting upset, depressed, down a little bit for real reasons for no reasons, it doesn’t matter. And I mean I know the world is full of sad moments and it sucks and I get that but maybe because of what I’ve been going through personally it just sort of is hitting me really hard.

Point is I want to do something. Just something little because there are so many people out there and that’s all they need, just something little, just something to smile at, just some reminder that there is someone out there who doesn’t know them, has never met them, but cares about them anyway just because they exist, just because they are there.

So I’m coming to the MCRmy with this project idea because I feel like I’ve already been accepted, because we seem like a bunch of caring people and because everyone knows someone who just needs something to make them smile. Even if only for a moment.

So here’s the basic outline of the idea. I was thinking maybe I could get volunteers, people who would be willing to donate their time, just a little bit. People who can write, or draw or play and record music, or make funny youtube videos or scribble things in photoshop or maybe crafty people, knitters, people who make little friendship bracelets or can draw silly little sketch book stories or anything at all. People who be willing to use these talents for other folks, people they probably don’t know.

And people can nominate other folks, friends, siblings, relatives, neighbors, anyone who they think would really like just something random and cute to remind them, hey there’s a world out there and there’s someone who doesn’t know them but loves them anyway. And then one of our volunteers can make something up for them, something physical, something just online, and we can get it to them. Obviously we don’t want to give out other folks personal information but if it’s online maybe it could get sent to a tumblr or something of that nature. Or sent to the nominating friend and that person could give it to the receiving friend? Anonymously probably... I think that’s kind of the point... just that there is someone out there who cares, just because you exist.... just because you’re alive... jut because you’re there.

Sending out anonymous little things of goodwill and care and love and smiles, you know.

If I can get support for this I’ll iron out the details and get this really set up but.... I want to know if this was a viable option, if there was anyone else out there who would like to help me. Because I can do this on my own but with more people my world gets bigger you know. It includes other people’s worlds too. And my talents are mostly limited to writing, a little bit of photoshop and then physical crafts like silly little sketches, coloring, knitting and that sort of thing to an extent. So with more people options get bigger you know....

So yeah... anyone else interested in this idea? Want to help out? Any ideas? Anything at all. Bring some random little bits of joy to the world?

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first off, can i tell you how much i really love this idea? well, i do! i have friends, friends of friends, and people i hardly know (via facebook) and they all seem to be going through something, everyday they seem to be getting more upset, or things get worse and more troubleing. and it sucks because i really would like to help these people out, these people i've never met before. so yeah, totally for it! and i have acouple other killjoys on my side who i'm sure would definitly take part. their creative little things. one of which who has never faild to make me smile :)

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See this is why I came to the killjoys with this because it’s right up our ally isn’t it? We have all these mantras for caring about each other and loving everyone and shit like that.... it’s awesome.

Anyway I figured I’d pop back in an tell people who are looking at this how I was thinking I’d organize this.

So I figure I’d write up little forms. For people who want to volunteer to help out and then nomination forms. I’d keep all the volunteer information consolidated in like a word document. Just so I can contact you all. I mean obviously only give as much info as you’re willing to. If you want to communicate entirely via these forms it’s so totally cool. I really don’t want to invade anyone’s privacy. No way. That’s not cool.

Anyway then when we get nominations for people to give out little gifts of cheer and stuff too, I figure I’ll ask for random info, things they like, fandoms they’re into, stuff like that just so we could match them up with a volunteer that could give them something awesome. Something fitting. And I totally don’t want top invade the recipients privacy either. So if we want to give them a physical gift, an actual card, a scarf, a drawing, anything like that.... we’ll probably have to send it to the nominator for that person so they can pass it on. Just because... you know... be careful with personal information.

And once we get nominee info, I’ll figure out someone to give them a gift based off the info, hand that volunteer the project info, the place to send their gift (either online or off) and they can tell me when they’ve handed off their gift and completed their project so I can check it off the list. And obviously I’m going to be giving stuff too, in case anyone was wondering.

For now this is a really tiny operation so we can probably function right out of this thread, over the messengers, maybe over aim (only if you’re willing to give that info, it’s not necessary) or e-mail. So yeah. If it gets bigger I’ll figure something out and we can have a centralized headquarters but that might not even become relevant so I’m not worrying about it.

Also we can probably name this project, come up with a little mantra we can stick to a note in every gift, online or not... so if anyone has ideas for this, let me know. It’s early and I got to work soon so I’ll come up with ideas later ahha.

For now I’ll stick up the volunteer forms. And if you know other folks who would be down for this send them this way. It’ll be awesome. And I’ll stick up a list of like little project ideas, things people can do.



Contact Info: (literally only what you’re willing to part with... I’ll be handing all volunteers my aim and my e-mail and probably my tumblr info but if you want to stick only to these forums and messengers that’s fine)

Online talents: (things you can and are willing to do online, writing, ability to scan in drawn pictures, photoshop abilities, etc.)

Physical crafty talents: (ONLY if you’re willing to do this and send physical objects... but a list of things you can do, knitting, oragami, making bracelets, etc)

Location: (only if you want to do physical crafts and stuff... and just a country is fine, just because of shipping things is probably best kept in country lines if possible)

Willing to Ship to: (if you’re willing to do physical gifts and ship them internationally, make a note of it)

Fandoms/Things you’re familiar with: (just stuff you’re into so like if a nominee is really into... like say Harry Potter obviously it would be best if they’re paired with someone who’s familiar with Harry Potter)

Any Extra Info:

(so you can probably send this forum right to my messenger, rather than post it just because you probably want to be careful with your personal info. And I'll keep everything on record and never give it out without permission. But if everyone wants to keep in contact, we can all message each other and stuff. I'll be giving out some of my info for online contacts to people involved so... yeah)


(feel free to add suggestions for this list)

Photoshop abilites

Writing/Poetry Abilities

Musical abilities

Youtube Videos

Drawing/Painting/etc. (online if you have a scanner or something like that)

Knitting scarfs/socks/anythign else

Braclett/Jewlery Making

Duct Tape Flowers/other things


Personal Card Making stuff


So that’s what I have now. I’ll be back after work to check in and add stuff (including a nominee forum). <3’s for you all.

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YES! Absolutely. Besides the fact that I don't believe that 'no talent' bullshit there's a million things to do or you could learn to do. I'll totally help you come up with something no worries. It's not like.... 'let's make brilliant art' it's 'let's give random little things to people to hopefully make them smile for a moment'. I eman dude I'm not that talented either... not really... so yeah... we'll be fine.

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Alright so I’m writing up the nominee forum. This can also be sent to my little MCRmy messenger. So yeah. Again, be careful with personal info.

Your Name/Alias: (as in you the nominee just so we have a name to attach to the project)

Little Bit about the Person you’re nominating: (just a bit of information, what they like to do, general broad age range... (like little kid, teenager, mother, grandmother maybe)... stuff they do in their spare time just so we know what they might like)

Fandoms and Other Stuff they Like: (anything they’re into fandom wise, favorite color or book or video game... if they like cats over dogs. I mean obviously if you don’t know that much it’s fine... we’re just trying to get a general idea of something... like if someone absolutely hated cats we wouldn’t want to give them something related to cats you know.)

Online or Physical: (if you think they ought to get an online gift (a story, poem, drawing, something totally online) or a physical thing.)

And then once we have the idea and the project is in motion we’ll figure out how to get the gift to the person depending if it’s online or being physically shipped through the mail. We’ll work it out because again we want to make sure privacy is respected and that sort of thing so yeah.

Alright that’s what I have for now guys. So spread the word around yeah? Rock on everyone!

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