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The Mcrmy Postcard (and Charm Bracelet) Exchange!


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Hey guys! It’s Kate again.

The MCRmy Book of Love (here: http://talk.mcrmy.com/index.php?/topic/1371-the-book-of-mcrmy-love/) has absolutely taken off, and as it’s out there travelling the world right now I could liken the majority of us to proud parents watching our baby head off to its first day of school, if school meant travelling the world on its own.

To keep it lively while you’re waiting for the book to arrive on your doorstep, there’s a little side project that I’d love to introduce to you all. I’m calling it “chain mail” at the moment, but don’t worry – if you bypass it, no scary toddler will crawl out of your screen and scratch your eyes out. In the end, our side project will be documented in the back of the official version of the MCRmy Book of Love when it’s ready to be sold for charity, and of course, in our hearts. You might think of this as a little keepsake of the book coming to you, or even if it you’re not participating in that side of the project, of the family you have here.

So what is it?

A postcard exchange. Split into two parts. I’ll explain the two different parts in a sec.

What’s going to happen is we’ll collate a list of people who want to be involved. We’ll leave entries open for about a month, so that the list can be organized properly. Each name on the list will be assigned a number at random – if that makes sense. A list of numbers will then be sent to each participating member, and they will each pick an available number until all of the numbers are gone. This is to prevent people playing favourites and ultimately anyone being left out. Another “safety rule” will be that you have to send your postcard before you receive one – so that nobody misses out because someone forgot.

Now to explain Part A and Part B.

There will – I believe- be two lists. Part A will consist of people who wish to send postcards.

Part B will consist of people who wish to send their postcards as cards, and include a small charm bracelet charm of no higher value than around $10USD in the envelope to their recipient.

This will create a world wide MCRmy charm bracelet. Cool, huh?

If you opt to receive and send a charm, we ask that you take a photo of it to show us! We also would like for as many people as possible to scan an image of their received or sent post card so we can print them in the book!

You don’t need to be taking part in the book to do this; and you don’t need to do this if you’re partaking in the book. If you’d like to be involved, you can contact us in a few ways.

email metallicar.67@gmail with subject field: POSTCARD XCHANGE

facebook Kate Veale (inbox or wall post)

OR reply to this topic.

If you reply ‘yes I’d love to,’ you will be put on the list automatically, so make sure you actually can before you RSVP. I love you all!

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