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Me And My Chemical Romance


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Okay so I wrote this just now because after going to the concert in Portland i was reminded just how important My Chemical Romance has been in my life. Its kind of long... okay very long, but it explains Me and my relationship with MCR in its entirety so please tell me what you think!

There was a girl in who was going into 7th grade.

That summer she had learned that her father was an alcoholic.

He had gone to rehab that very same day.

The girl was confused and scared.

The beginning of 7th grade was very difficult

She had problems adjusting to the new meanness JR high

With everything going on in her life she felt lost


She tried to fit in but she wasn’t happy

Then one day in November she discovered a band

Their name was My Chemical Romance

She had never heard this type of music

It was amazing

Then she learned that the singer had been an alcoholic as well

But he had recovered just like her father

She was amazed that such a thing could be true of a rock star

She began to learn more about My Chemical Romance

They became her favorite band

Meanwhile she was still struggling to find her self

With all the new things related to being a teenager,

With everything happening in her family

With the changes in all of her friends

She didn’t know who she was anymore

But the more she listened to My Chemical Romance the better she felt

Their message meant the world to her

She learned that it didn’t matter what everyone else thought

All that mattered was that she was herself

She didn’t need do dress like the popular kids

And she didn’t need wear all black

It was okay to be yourself because if you were

You could find happiness

In 7th grade a girl became lost

But with the help of a very special band she was able to find herself

To accept

And to grow

Now she is a sophomore in high school

She has never been happier

A few days ago she went to a My Chemical Romance concert

Afterwards she met one of the guitarists

As he signed her ticket she said only three words


And “Thank You”

But he didn’t know

That “Thank You” was so much more than two simple words

It meant everything to her

Thank you for letting me be myself

Thank you for teaching me so much about life

You don’t know me but you’ve made such an impact in my life

There really are no words to express the happiness that I have found

Because My Chemical Romance

Because this very special band

It means the world to me

And I can only hope you realize

How much this means to me

Thank you

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