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Atlanta Show?


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My friend backed out of going with me, so now I have an extra ticket :[

I've wanted NEEDED to go see MCR ever since Three Cheers, but don't wanna go by myself...

I'd even be willing to pick you up, if you lived anywhere close to on the way to atl (I live in FL).

I'm not a creeper, I promise! If your interested, I'll give you my facebook and number if you want :]

I only ask that you be a true fan


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I feel like it's seriously unsafe to go on your own to meet with a stranger you found on the internet, particularly when traveling that far from home. If you can't find anyone through friends, family, or co-workers who would be willing to go to tag along to a show with you for free, you would be so much better off just going to the show on your own and making friends with people in line. You should be able to find someone there willing to buy your extra ticket from you, especially if the show is sold out.

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