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Avenged Sevenfold


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My Chemical Romance will always be my favourite band..

However I do enjoy the enchanting sounds of Avenged Sevenfold every so often.

I love the Nightmare & City of Evil albums.


Would be Bat Country & So Far Away & Fiction. (well my addictions for the moment)

So any other fans here?


Heres a video!


Favourite member?

Mines Zacky Vengeance. Gotta lovea guy with a bowtie ;D

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Avenged are my favorite band. Ever. They mean the world to me. sdkljfklsdjf;sdfjklsdjf I just love them so much. I've seen them twice now and hopefully seeing them at least 3 more times in May... their performances just blow me away, I'm addicted.

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I've noticed a lot of ya like the song Fiction...

Did anyone else get emotional when you heard The Rev sing?

Cause, I know I did.

I still do!

The first time I heard it I had it on repeat for about an hour.. and sobbed the whole way through.

now when i'm listening to it while out and about i'm okay,

but when i sit alone and properly listen to it, i still well up!

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