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30 Seconds To Mars


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I loved their first 2 albums, but can anyone explain why they charge hundreds to meet them at their shows? I think that's pretty shit.

Also wasn't keen on the 3rd album.


It's incredible crap. At least when they're feeling okay they'll hang out at the buses for a little while.

When I saw them in January I got pulled onstage for Kings and Queens =3

One of the best nights of my life.

I sort-of met Jared (he wasn't feeling well, but he was talking to us like 2 feet away from me....)

And I met Shannon =3 But had to leave before Tomo came out =[

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I fucking love 30 Seconds To Mars.

They're for sure my second favourite band right now.

I mean, nothing will ever ever beat My Chem, but Mars are special to me as well, & I'm so happy I get to see them both in one night at Reading Festival.

My favourite songs are The Battle Of One, The Fantasy, Edge of the Earth, Night Of The Hunter, Search & Destroy & Closer to the Edge. Jared Leto is a genius.


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oh I was sooo happy to see this here!

30 seconds to mars are just..heavenly <3 :lol:

They're my fav band !! along with mcr tho :')

havent seen them live yet ;< I only have money to go to denmark or norway to see bands, since no one ever comes to iceland.. but They never go to denmark D: they're playing Hove festival this year but it's SO expensive!


I really loved This is War, seriously EPIC album! Love all the videos that Jared directs <3

and my fav songs are; Attack, The Fantasy, Oblivion, Alibi, Night of the Hunter, Welcome to the Universe and Echelon <3

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