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    MCR, the MCRmy, the Used, Green Day, Hot Topic, clothes, Tabitha (Bravo), colored pens, Jolly Ranchers, music in general, cutting and dying hair (sorry to everybody who's been my experiment), face paint (don't ask), and lord of the rings (books and movies)
  1. raaaaaa! my life sucks...in a good way

  2. horror movie marathon for 24 hours! fun stuff

    1. Adrenaline Threat Angel

      Adrenaline Threat Angel

      I wish I could have this!!! I LOVE horror movies!!! :)

  3. my mother is listening to kanye. awks

  4. hey doll thanks for the add :)

  5. if somebody comes up to you and expresses how horomonal they are, well, that's the right time to walk away, slowly

  6. thank god for madonna and everybody she had with her. the halftime show and chili are the only things i understand about football.

  7. i'm cold and i'm tired. but i do have awesome hair.

    1. KobraKidLover13


      Hey thats a big plus ;D

  8. just finished reading the jungle by upton sinclair. i don't think i'm ever going to eat again.

  9. i've decided to disown shopping.

    1. river


      good decision.

  10. about the same time next year the world is gonna end. with that to look forward to, happy new year everybody. i hope it's a spectacular one :P

  11. charlotte bronte! her writing is too flowry, but my english teacher/mentor reminds me of mr. rochester, so whenever i have a lack of reading material, i go to jane eyre. don't laugh. i love romantic novels.
  12. the chaos walking series. the first one damn near broke my heart though. it's the kind of book that makes you think. i just finished the alchemist. it was really sweet, but it's definitely one of those goody books that teaches excellent morals and talks about the sweet innocent boy with his sweet innocent mannerisms. another thing to watch out for is that because it was translated, the english is super proper.
  13. well merry christmas everybody. hope you get lots of presents :P

  14. hey kiddies. remind parents and bosses that computers were made for a reason: so that they don't have to get poor underaged people to file stuff from the 16th century by hand.

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