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  1. thank you, i sent her an e mail

  2. If you are stilling trying to sell your DC Ticket - A girl named maria is looking for one her email is music@wnyu.org She is NOT from the Rmy she found me through fb cause I was selling one but I don't have one to sell her one anymore.

  3. still haven't been on here in a while. life is a mess. ttyl.

  4. haven't been on here in a while, lots of college work :/

  5. yeah things got uh...really busy and messy in a bad way. thanks for lookin out for me though, how you been?

  6. Haven't seen you 'round these parts in a while, cowboy.

  7. in other news, heading off to work.


  9. hey i saw in the 'art' section that you wrote things for your dad who passed away. my dad passed away when i was 14 as well, message me if you ever need to talk

  10. All the shows are sold out. Still trying to figure out Cleveland, if any at this point. I just got back from LA today, seen Gaga's bday show. I'm a nutcase. XD

  11. This lil' eyebrow has been lurking about ninja-style.

  12. everythings all good here, thanks :) hows new jersey?

  13. Hi! haha, well you reached me! :D

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