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    but seriously guys... ponies, they're tiny horses, what's not to love?

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  1. Awww sounds like you all have been through a lot and built some really lasting and beautiful friendships. ☺️ That’s amazing. I’ll definitely check out the asylum thread! I’m a big fan of goofiness haha. Oooh I’m jealous! I pet some alpacas once, which was fun but I’d love to meet some llamas 🦙 That’s a good way to describe them, weird but beautiful. They have a sort of awkward grace 😂
  2. Thank you! I’m pretty quiet and shy naturally, but everyone here seems super kind and cool and llamas? I don’t have much experience with them first hand but have many years experience loving them from a distance 😜
  3. I’m not super new to the forum but wasn’t very active in the past. With the recent news I want to change that. Sisterhood and others with a mutual love for My Chem are things that have been lacking in life recently. So... hi! *waves awkwardly*
  4. Ok, who’s planning on going to the LA date in December and would anybody be interested in meeting up? I’m planning on going!
  5. It's not much experience. Im no guru by any means! But I'll help with whatever I can!
  6. I know I'm new but I want in on this. I'll help however I can. Need anything, just let me know! As far as the crowdfunding stuff goes, I've had some experience with gofundme. It's cool that pretty much anyone can use it, but refunding might be a pain and the cut they take is not fun. I don't know much about the other to but indiegogo seems like it might be easier to actually get the campaign running without jumping through too many hoops, as opposed to kickstarter.
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