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    Sex, drugs, and rock and roll. By that, I mean blogs, twitter, and music.
  1. Omfg. it's so busy tonight, I can't even think to myself jfc. I don't want my break to end.

  2. Teen Wolf, for some reason, uses good music within the show. Used two songs of MCR and just heard Passion Pit's cover of Smashing Pumpkins.

  3. I'm looking forward to some quality drunk tweets from @AlexAllTimeLow tonight.

  4. Got a 69 on the Chem final. And I have a 78 for the quarter, but a 82 for the year. If I do my mole analogy and EC, I got move my grade up.

  5. Leo DiCaprio should do Broadway so he can take the role of Frank Abignail in CMIYC from this guy. And Tom Hanks too for Carl.

  6. Where is my Memoirs of a Geisha dvd? Want to watch it and someone will die if I can't find it.

  7. My babies won Best Live Band, aw ATL <3

  8. There are so many school's closing early because of the heat, jfc.

  9. Lol, they just played I Miss You at the French Open. Classy #blink182

  10. GODDAMMIT. I never got my free donut today.


  12. My mom keeps yelling at me to go to bed. Hi hello, still writing my paper. Please be quiet and stop nagging me.

  13. Working on my research paper, ugh. Why was writing last year's so easy compared to this one?

  14. Just made up my mind to get tattooed when my sister gets here. dhsajkflhdjkas, so exicited, hope I don't back out.

  15. Just tried on my prom dress. Wish I could gain enough weight to look better in it. Also, I might have a nip slip while dancing #shameless

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