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  1. These are the most expensive tickets I have ever purchased to go to a show, but it shall be awesome!… https://t.co/YoH7rXmT84

  2. I might go to @breakingbenj at Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ - Aug 9 https://t.co/f9n7VmFNeF

  3. I got: Vanya. https://t.co/JBnuOwJSDL via @playbuzz

  4. RT @mikeyway: Last night, I got to watch my brother’s dream come alive on the big screen inside the Arclight dome. I can’t put into words h…

  5. RT @markhoppus: I have insurance for all my guitars because I like to cover all my basses. Folks they're showing me the red light that's my…

  6. Would love to go to Japan next year, but with who? Need to put more money to the side though.

  7. RT @Russo_Brothers: For those who have been here since the beginning. For those who have joined along the way. For the best fans in the Un…

  8. RT @tricia_16_: "HE'S OUR KID!" what the fucckkkkk 😭😭😭😭😭 #Supernatural

  9. RT @PoisonAndFire: Just sent an article to a chat of folks who don’t know much about MCR with the caption “Bad news from the Zones, Tumblew…

  10. "If I could find the words, if I could shake the world. If I could turn back time would you still be there." #OfMiceAndMen

  11. Made stuff shells for the first time yesterday and it tastes better on the second day.

  12. The washer isn't doing the spin cycle no more. 😭

  13. I wonder how this happened. | Car lands on telephone pole following crash https://t.co/lmAE3sbg7V via @6abc

  14. Dying of laughter every time I see this. XD #MCRmy #GerardBeingASass #KROQChristmasShow2010 https://t.co/CMdySojomC

  15. I might go to @switchfoot at The Fillmore in Philadelphia, PA - Feb 20 https://t.co/Gh25F1iQz5

  16. RT @FrankIero: keep watch on monday frendz... got some stuff to tell y’all ?xo

  17. I rated @skilletmusic at Susquehanna Bank Center ★★★★★ via Bandsintown https://t.co/RxcP7qGuc4

  18. https://t.co/WK98ZO9s3n

  19. RT @thecolorfred: Elena and I have an all vegan sandwich shop in West Chester called @lovechunkvegan. Please help us spread the word!!! T…

  20. @BBTPavilion @MIWband "570" and "Eternally Yours" for a friend of mine.

  21. If someone is going to ask me how was my day, dont talk to me....

  22. This spanish couple on the train platform are having an argument. Its too early please.

  23. Why? WHY!!!? Do I have a sister who is brainless. Did she even think about what she just typed up? You must be stup… https://t.co/3ZYvuAwRmi

  24. Enter the Sprint Spirit Sweepstakes and you could win the Ultimate Field Trip for 4, $5,000 in… https://t.co/0ezKEfIP5I

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