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  1. ^It's a pain in the ass, but we gotta do it. Sometimes I have to take my lens off for a couple of minutes. Tried fixing a light switch and an outside electrical outlet, since I'm not doing much for now, and I couldn't find the actual breaker for them. Instead I get yelled at by my mom. *shrugs*
  2. I just got the shields I purchased over a month ago for the girls at work this evening, while my boss ordered disposable ones which also came in today. Wearing glasses with them for me is going to be a problem, so the alternative will be wearing contact lenses. The neverending protection of oneself.
  3. Work hours had gone back to somewhat normal for now, and they're trying to bring in back a endodontist to work (she's a pain in my butt, and to needy to work with). I only had less than 5 hours of sleep last night, but still went into work to distract myself from the chaos. I almost thought all of the gas stations by my way were all shut down, but I was lucky enough to find a few that were still open. As I'm typing this up one of the neighborhoods 15 minutes away from my parents home, which I can clearly hear it, is being either tear gassed or people are blowing $h!t up. With the looting that's been happening even within their own neighborhood, those idiots yesterday almost set ablaze residential rowhomes that's behind a retail space that collapsed. That area is already battling with drugs and an opioid crisis on their streets. We might as well stay in the red phase, because it's going to take weeks for businesses to get back on their feet.
  4. Transformers: The Last Knight Deepwater Horizon The Perfect Storm
  5. ^ Good luck, and I hope everything is all well to keep going for the end of the school year. -------------------- Celebrated 2 birthdays this week with lunch, done. We were extended for emergencies only until June 6 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ At least we got a specific e-prescribe program up and running that we've been dealing with since December. Baby sister won't have a traditional 8th grade closing commencement ceremony, nor would they be treated to a New York City trip since they'll be doing mandatory summer sessions online. I'll probably end up treating her to it and possibly to any of her classmates want to go once it's okay to travel.
  6. I would have done the same thing in buying the bulk. It'll save you time and avoid in returning to the store again.
  7. No. I'm the backbone of the dental office I work at and reliable person who can get stuff done on time. 😔 But soon enough from what we were advised, last week, instead of working for 4 days it will become only 2 days to limit the amount of people in the office. I have a feeling everything will be postponed until next year. We just need a miracle, because this city isn't looking to pretty to start reopening little by little. It'll probably go into mid to late summer for it to get the green light.
  8. Anyone purchased the mask they had up on their website?
  9. My spending habits has gone towards traveling to and from work. I normally take public transit every day, and now I've been putting more money on gas, meter parking, and bridge tolls. With the way they had to do essential route scheduling, limiting people on the buses or trains, not charging customers as of lately, not enough transit personnels or transit police on the clock had made it unsafe to take. Earlier this month a guy was shot in the head while on the train, and the group of men who were involved were never caught. I feel really bad for those who have to take it everyday, especially those essential workers.
  10. ^ Thanks There are still people ignoring the 6ft distances, and group gatherings. *ugh It is pouring out, I was suppose to start cleaning my room but haven't. I'd rather lay on my bed listen to the birds chirping on the tree while the rain hits the roof of the house.
  11. Took my chances on Thursday, since it was so nice out to view the cherry blossoms where I wanted to go real quick a couple of days back. It was so serene. Sucks that not many people are able to go out during this time, because a lot of the residents here are taking extra precautions now because the city skyrocketed with confirmed cases the past few days passing the other counties in the state of Pennsylvania. Cherry Blossoms... (3 images)
  12. If the guy knew he was ill, he should have notified you before you had the chance of walking through that door or at least leaving a written note by the door for you.
  13. As the days go by more people are staying indoors in Philly. Public transit has changed there schedules to their normal Saturday schedules. Since Thursday I've been driving to work to lessen the amount of people I come across. Yesterday, I took the chance of the nice weather to wash the car. Took my time doing it too since I didn't use the water hose, it was still windy. I'm going to try and go to one of the largest Parks of the city today because we have cherry blossom trees lined up by the Schyulkill River and it's currently blooming. I keep track of the amount of steps I take daily and it's recommend to do over 6,000. I need to get some type of exercise in because I've been doing very bad lately, haven't reached over 3,000 for the past 4 days. Definitely will be keeping my distance from the other residents who will pass by there.
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