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  1. It's past 1am and I'm still up. 🙄

  2. Come back to the boards.

  3. Enjoy it, you'll still have a good time of you haven't gone by yourself before. I've gone to a couple of shows by myself and sang along with the crowd.
  4. Brink Had to watch it since it's been years I last saw it on the Disney channel.
  5. The name is Mariguel (she/her). You may refer to me as Mari or MariG. Currently 28 and live in Philadelphia. (This picture is about 6 years old and is the only decent one that I have by myself 🤣) I've been a fan since fall of 2004 (when the I'm Not Okay music video was released), and saw My Chem for the first time in 2011. I have a Bachelor's degree in science, Penn State Almuni. Love going to concerts, and this past summer I got to attend my first and last Warped Tour with my baby sister, loved every moment.
  6. These are the most expensive tickets I have ever purchased to go to a show, but it shall be awesome!… https://t.co/YoH7rXmT84

  7. I might go to @breakingbenj at Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ - Aug 9 https://t.co/f9n7VmFNeF

  8. I got: Vanya. https://t.co/JBnuOwJSDL via @playbuzz

  9. RT @mikeyway: Last night, I got to watch my brother’s dream come alive on the big screen inside the Arclight dome. I can’t put into words h…

  10. RT @markhoppus: I have insurance for all my guitars because I like to cover all my basses. Folks they're showing me the red light that's my…

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