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  1. ^ Thanks There are still people ignoring the 6ft distances, and group gatherings. *ugh It is pouring out, I was suppose to start cleaning my room but haven't. I'd rather lay on my bed listen to the birds chirping on the tree while the rain hits the roof of the house.
  2. Took my chances on Thursday, since it was so nice out to view the cherry blossoms where I wanted to go real quick a couple of days back. It was so serene. Sucks that not many people are able to go out during this time, because a lot of the residents here are taking extra precautions now because the city skyrocketed with confirmed cases the past few days passing the other counties in the state of Pennsylvania. Cherry Blossoms... (3 images)
  3. If the guy knew he was ill, he should have notified you before you had the chance of walking through that door or at least leaving a written note by the door for you.
  4. As the days go by more people are staying indoors in Philly. Public transit has changed there schedules to their normal Saturday schedules. Since Thursday I've been driving to work to lessen the amount of people I come across. Yesterday, I took the chance of the nice weather to wash the car. Took my time doing it too since I didn't use the water hose, it was still windy. I'm going to try and go to one of the largest Parks of the city today because we have cherry blossom trees lined up by the Schyulkill River and it's currently blooming. I keep track of the amount of steps I take daily and it's recommend to do over 6,000. I need to get some type of exercise in because I've been doing very bad lately, haven't reached over 3,000 for the past 4 days. Definitely will be keeping my distance from the other residents who will pass by there.
  5. I'm currently suffering due to allergies season, since Tuesday. Overall, I'm taking it one day at a time, going about my normal routine. I use mass transit to commute to work and have been washing my hands everytime I arrive at work and when I arrive home, then in between since I work at a dental office. So far my state had announced for all schools to close for 2 weeks. One of the counties (province/district) by me is basically on shut down since they have had more cases appear within the state of Pennsylvania. At home, we're short with bottles of water at home and if in any case we'll just hot boil tap water. I'll be either relaxing tomorrow or dealing with my parents needs since I'm off on the weekends.
  6. Woohoo, I'll be at the Philly show.
  7. It's past 1am and I'm still up. 🙄

  8. Come back to the boards.

  9. Enjoy it, you'll still have a good time of you haven't gone by yourself before. I've gone to a couple of shows by myself and sang along with the crowd.
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