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  1. RT @AOC: I need to admit something to you all. Frankly, I don’t know how my environmental reputation can recover. Today... I wrote in a bo…

  2. RT @devntae: just say you don’t want to serve poor people and go https://t.co/FFFpvFAi4O

  3. RT @zoexrain: Those poor ill eagles 😢 someone save them https://t.co/CMa5kReCNd

  4. RT @frogfarter: a girl from my high school posted on facebook about how shes not vaccinated (because vaccinations are EVIL!) and that her d…

  5. RT @KassyyyM: If you get your pets high you're an asshole and I'm just stating FACTS https://t.co/jIo0q2AthM

  6. RT @itskeyon: GIRL... she better pull a Kendall Jenner and use her family connections to secure a modeling bag. I can really see sis as a f…

  7. RT @nbc: Some things are meant to be. ❤️ Like Ed Sheeran and "Can't Help Falling In Love". #ElvisAllStarTribute. https://t.co/sphWAMgAY9

  8. RT @RuneScape: Cookie the Cockatiel deserves, well... 🍪 https://t.co/x1lA90ChYv

  9. RT @IamGMJohnson: I pray for kids like this. I work to protect kids like this. I wish I could’ve been a kid like this. But THIS makes it…

  10. RT @fatimaa_xo_xo: It’s a different type of laugh when you’re laughing with your siblings

  11. RT @Drebae_: Mojo Jojo before he steps out to terrorize the city & gets his ass beat by the PowerPuff Girls https://t.co/TwprhqNQgJ

  12. RT @callmeshitto: this hygienist should have his fucking license pulled https://t.co/1WxsNnk0W4

  13. RT @trustmeimmary: He no longer 21 Savage .. That’s Sir Savage the 21st 👌🏾😭😭😭😭

  14. RT @peachi_95: i wish animal crossing was real and my only plans for tomorrow were getting up and watering my tulips then hanging out with…

  15. RT @Iumbridge: bro stop playin that's the map of varrock https://t.co/6Bncr5Wjgk

  16. RT @sarah_berg16: maggie got a growth removed today and this is what my dad sent me🍸 https://t.co/W4PD0bGXS1

  17. RT @caged__elephant: Is this what I fucking look like to other people? I’m embarrassed https://t.co/Yi7XrH3YYy

  18. RT @cosmicblackgirl: can y’all please get a diary? https://t.co/V0mkxrTmp8

  19. RT @tortor331: Timberline Park, Brentwood NY https://t.co/Et46H49DlV

  20. RT @virgiltexas: cmon gang let’s name all the dead kids https://t.co/NJsJKpZgMS

  21. RT @fatherjstn: yeah sex is cool but have u ever sat in ur room alone in the dark wondering how many of ur friends and family don't actuall…

  22. RT @gxldpevrls: y’all don’t wash your fruits and vegetables anyway? https://t.co/uLjVkHfIhy

  23. RT @JuiceTooWavie: Humans ain’t shit https://t.co/R0Wvc5DRWR

  24. IDK if it's been 3 days and I haven't talked about it maybe I /dont/want/to/talk/about/it¿¿

  25. RT @colesprouse: I wouldn't know https://t.co/s91DHXlQ78

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