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    - Music (my chemical romance, panic! at the disco are my faves)
    - tumblr ( im-not-frankiero.tumblr.com that's my tumblr)
    - comics (V for Vendetta *_* <3)
    - friends :) i like to make friends :D

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  1. Happy birthday!! :D =Hugs= c:!

  2. The piano knows something i don't know- P!ATD :3
  3. Hi!!

    Thanx for the friendship! XD

  4. Today i'm buying my guitar!! :DD yaaaay!! *-*

  5. Today i'm buying my guitar!! :DD yaaaay!! *-*

  6. Sing it for Japan~ :3

  7. good!! :D sorry for answering you kinda late, well too late! i was doing some homework TToTT!! the school is killing mee!! D:

  8. I'm doing good, thanks! And you?

  9. Oh hi~ :D thanks for adding me :) how are youuuu~?

  10. hi hi hi :D i send you the message~<3

  11. I'd rather die than be famous - Pierce the Veil
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