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  1. Notting Hill--- I'm a sucker for Julia Roberts' movies
  2. Yeah that's true :) I'm really excited to see them!

  3. but I guess either way we'll all still get to see MCR. :D

  4. that sounds like a great idea! I hope for both our sakes she gets it! To meet MCR would be the best day of my life!! haha I hope she gets it!

  5. We're going to find out if she got tickets with the meet and greet for sure. If she did then we will sell it but we have to make sure first so we don't end up without a ticket lol

  6. If your friend wants to sell her ticket, I will gladly buy it. It would mean tons for me!! :D

  7. Yeah we were!!!! I hadn't seen your comment so I wrote that on the tour thread. I knew it was you! It's great that you're taking your son I bet he's excited!

  8. Hey! Weren't we line buddies at the last show? I have the autographed tattoo.

  9. is loving being back on the MCRmy boards :D

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    2. Isil


      i second that!

    3. fumariel


      It feels like we're home again. Yes it's a little different but it's great to type mcrmy.com and not get an error message and feel as if our family moved without telling us hahaha

    4. glory_hallelujah
  10. is loving being back on the MCRmy boards :D

  11. I was in NaNaNa. I can't wait for the next one!!!
  12. Awesome mods!!! Yay love you all!
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