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  1. aaahhh, Brinn! I can't wait to see you again. I've had to drop Gerard's Texas shows due to financial/time issues. Our group realized it would be more convenient to follow Frank's November tour. But still doing Gerard in SD and Arizona. For Frank's tour, we're doing all 6 California dates plus Denver. It's better this time around because we're going to have 5 drivers and the distances between venues are relatively short compared to the July tour. The Killer's had a secret show in SD last week and I saw Against Me! a couple nights ago. Only shows I have that aren't Gerard/ Frank related are Modern Baseball and Silverstein/Senses Fail in November. Fall schedule is looking pretty good right now.
  2. It was great! He played a 9 song set, which is unusually long for a Kimmel taping. Played the new singles as well as a few off Flamingo. He even played Read My Mind and a remix of Mr. Brightside. In other news, Frank has extended his tour dates with a headlining tour right after supporting Against Me! and we'll be going to 3 of the 6 in Portland, Boise, and Salt Lake City! so stoked on this
  3. okay well, where do I start... Gerard played at the Vic Theatre in Chicago last Saturday and I flew 2,000 miles to go to the show. Oh man, it was so great. I reunited with a friend who flew over here for his Los Angeles shows back in October and met a few people I knew on Twitter. The venue staff was incredibly courteous unlike the ones back here in California. The crowd was the same just a bit more diverse. Predominantly young girls (screaming fangirls ). I was surprised at how many older fans were at the show and even more surprised at how many men were there. I actually wasn't the only one from out of state! There was a girl who came from Florida and there were a couple people from Boston, Iowa, and some other surrounding states. The setlist was the same as past tours, the Hormones start off with the Bureau and lead into Action Cat. The only addition was the unreleased song Don't Try (the one Mikey played bass on in Japan!). Gerard's vocals have been improving with each tour and you could definitely hear it at the show. There was no signing for safety reasons and I was pretty bummed about it, but what can you do. As most of you have heard, Gerard announced four new tour dates in October. San Diego, CA. Tempe, AZ. Dallas and Austin, TX. Guess who's doing all of them? My friends and are heading out on a road trip and I couldn't be more excited! Hopefully this link works but I have a few pictures up on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=874898972580081&set=a.747404341996212.1073741833.100001799603368&type=3&theater
  4. I got free tickets to see Brandon Flowers perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live this Thursday. Rise Against added a 2nd Palladium show so two rounds for me! Mumford & Sons @ the Forum on August 17th. I might do the Story So Far @ the Mayan on August 2nd, depends on the work schedule.
  5. More tour dates announced, more shows to go to: Tigers Jaw @ the Glass House on April 23rd. Dead Sara @ the Troubadour on May 12th. Modern Baseball @ the Observatory July 26th. Rise Against @ the Hollywood Palladium August 13th. twenty one pilots w/ my babes in Echosmith in October. also, frank and Against Me! are touring together this summer and the closest date is Seattle. Some of us in our group are planning a road trip! so excited for this!
  6. Yeah Chain has really poor ventilation and it gets hotter than a sauna, but it was more due to the fact that the kids at this show didn't know how to behave. I get that for a lot of them it was their first show, but they really should educate themselves on concert etiquette. We were up against the stage (no barricade at this venue) and the crowd was pushing so much that we were suffocating. My arms were shaking all throughout the show because I had to hold myself up or else I would've fallen straight onto his mic stand. Frank had to pull my friend out of the pit after she fainted because this girl behind her was hounding over her the whole time (he helped me out shortly after to go help her). am I getting too old for this or are people really that savage at shows nowadays?
  7. Frank's shows were great, despite the amount of people who passed out at the Anaheim show. The crowd really didn't know how to behave. Second show at the Troubadour was way better. I ended up "stealing" the mic for .weighted. and he played stage 4 (he rarely puts it on the setlist). I ended up meeting him three times over that weekend. The flight is booked for Gerard's Chicago show, all I really have to do is request the time off work and tell my dad (that's not going to go well with him). oh, Brandon Flowers announced an intimate show at the Troubadour on April 14th! Really looking forward to that.
  8. hi, i'm going to both of these shows! that's not weird at all.
  9. Yeah, I'm skipping both. I love WTM's new album, but Frank is top priority right now haha. WTM is playing in Los Angeles two days before they play here in Anaheim, but I can't miss work. I'm skipping a Flogging Molly show on St. Patrick's Day. Plus I can't go see Sleater-Kinney or the Story so Far on their upcoming tour dates here. There's so many good shows I'm missing out on in March-May. But on the brightside, I'm buying my plane ticket for Gerard on Monday!
  10. I'll be there from May 14-17th! Here's hoping for tambourine jams part 2
  11. It honestly started off as a joke! I met a girl at his LA shows who flew in from Chicago and we became friends. When he announced his tour over there, we started talking about how cool it would be if I flew in to go see Gerard with her. I asked my best friend who's been wanting to visit his family in Chicago to come along and we've decided on it. I'm so excitedddddd
  12. ... I am flying 2,000+ miles to Chicago to see Gerard in May the week before finals. I've gone off the deep end, friends. That is all.
  13. streaming the new Sleater-Kinney record.
  14. Got tickets to see All Time Low, Issues, Tonight Alive and State Champs on May 2nd. Let's hope we don't get trampled by 13 year olds.
  15. My original plan was Walk the Moon on March 13th, Bleachers on March 14th, and Flogging Molly on March 17th but all that has been scratched because Frank announced his headlining tour and I'm doing the Anaheim and L.A. shows which consequently land on the 13th and 14th. I haven't been this stoked since Gerard's October shows!
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