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  1. down with a cold all weekend, stress at work has been nonstop, homework is never ending. Still not dead yet!

  2. Final project for my music class is a paper on the history of your favorite band. Almost wanted to present an hour long speech after my professor made the announcement. 1-3 pages isn't enough!

    1. Indifferent Ignorance

      Indifferent Ignorance

      I've had that problem. It's a cross we must bear!

  3. anyone else having checkout problems for the "for jamia..." vinyl?

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    2. galacticdestroya


      Add the same thing happening to me. Glad when I had it in my cart to realise I could not proceed to get the payment confirmation, and have it removed from my cart... Was brutal as Black Friday or Boxing Day (which I avoid at all costs XP)

    3. SulfurSiren


      I heard of alot of people who had this problem. Sorry Insanity!

    4. xInsanityBites


      I had several friends with the same issue, so we were left wondering what the heck happened. Oh well, it's alright.

  4. GOT MY LICENSE TO KILL... I mean, drive.

    1. gift of paralysis
    2. SulfurSiren


      Congrats on getting your driver's license!!

  5. A girl at Wal-Mart recognized my Rumor patch (from the Umbrella Academy!) on Saturday and we had this sisterhood of the MCRmy moment and yeah I kinda died. WE'RE STILL RUNNING!

  6. These midterms are really kicking my butt, man.

  7. I would appreciate if UPS wasn't a total a-hole in getting my textbooks shipped on time. Essay is due tomorrow and I'm stuck here anxious and panicking.

  8. Officially a college student. Yay? First class just ended at 9:30 and second isn't until 7:30pm. what do I do with my life in the meantime...

  9. I bought a ticket to see The Killers again in August and I knew that you would be happy for me. I am so pumped!!!!!!!!

    1. xInsanityBites


      I'm so excited for you!! If you manage to take any pictures, don't hesitate to show them to me! :D

  10. HCT last Saturday was fucking sick. It was great seeing my boys own the stage again.

  11. I found a floor ticket to the Honda Civic Tour at an amazingly reasonable price. I feel majestic. *-*

  12. Buying my HCT ticket before having consent from the folks.. hurrhurr.

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