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  1. Yus!!! Everyone should just stay awake!!! XD
  2. Haha I myself don't even know! Hi Brinn ! It's only 6:21 pm...
  3. Oh well... I'll just chillax and be the last man standing.. XD
  4. Haha Maybe!!! I didn't think so, Where are all the Guys?!?!
  5. Oh! So.. I play the cello, I'm 16 and live in New Zealand. I first heard MCR on some random youtube vid. It was DEAD! I really like Helena and Famous Last Words!
  6. Hey Caiti! Yeah I remember you I feel really welcomed by all u guys haha!!!
  7. I'm new here... Someone add me!!!! :)

  8. Hey! I've been thinking of covering my room with MCR posters and stuff... I don't really have anything to trade but does anyone have any extra posters they're not using?
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