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  1. ......I fell down the stairs today...

    I was going to my band class (which is in the basement of out school) and was going down the steps. When out of the blue my unaware self stepped on a bottle cap which cause my foot to slip out from underneath me and fell down about 5-6steps....it hurt and my hot chocolate spilled on my hand :(......and of course I start laughing cause when I don't know what to do I laugh......

    I also txt my dad and he told my mom and she freaked out and sent me about 15text asking if I went to the nurse, if I hadn't I need to, if she needed to come get me and take me to urgent care......which of course I couldn't respond to because I was in e middle of a test in another class. She took that as me being in trouble and sent another 10txt of her fearing out......when I finally got around to txt her saying calm down I'm fine. She was about ready to come get me..... My parents are way too over protective.....

    How is everyone else? Anyone else having a weird/klutzy/random kind of day?

    omgosh... Mums can get so freak out.. I remember one time, I had my friends phone and txted his mum "I think i broke my leg." She called the school and everything XD..

    LUCKYYYY even though i'm in the US south and we don't really get winter ever.

    SAAME! in Auckland, it just rains....

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