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  1. Hehe have you been snooping :) you've got a few days yet I'm sure there will be plenty for you Xmas morning.

    Sounds a lot like my day.. But I like lazy days so not boring for me, was my first weekend off in months so I think I deserve a lazy one :)

    Not snooping, "surveying"... :P

    Lazy days are always good ^_^. Like when holidays first started, I was like "I'm not gonna do anything but sleep." But now I'm like "What am I doing with my time?!!?? THE HOLIDAYS WILL BE OVER BEFORE I KNOW IT!.. I need to get to a beach or something."

  2. I want to fight zombies


    Here is what u do.

    1. Go find three weapons; Primary, Secondary, Melee.

    2. Look down the street. See those Zombies? Too many for you handle alone.

    3. Make your way around to your neighbor's house and find more supplies and people to join your Horde of Zombie Slaying.

    4. Go blasting MCR in the background and kill everything you see.

    5. Got to store to get supplies and make it your base of operations.

    6. Find internet and tell me how it went... :P

  3. You certanly would. :D I personally don't really understand what's the big deal with dyeing your hair or cutting it the way you like. That's your hair and if you like to have a green mohawk, then do it. :D And if you like a long brunette hair with curls, that's great too. :D I mean it's just hair, not the whole life. And if someone doesn't like it, that's their problem, haters gonna hate. :D


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