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  1. Make Room!!!! reminds me of Danger Days so much.
  2. Should be practicing my cello. Listening to what I need to play and crying coz it's too hard :( ...
  3. Hello people!!!! How's your week been? Went biking down in the South Island. Saw heaps of snow!
  4. GUISE!!!! IT's 2013!!!!!! Happy New Year EVERYONE!!!!!! oh wait. Just remembered I'm in the future coz I'm in New Zealand...
  5. I'm good . I'm kinda excited for the new year. Just coz this year was crap and can't wait for it to end haha...
  6. That'd be a rather lame ending to life don't you think?
  7. Lol just dump a bunch of songs in a playlist and hit shuffle.
  8. This time tomorrow, it'll be 2013. TIME, Y U SO FAST?

  9. Lol! I know what you mean! After watching I said to myself, "The people who haven't read the book are gonna be like WTF did I just watch?" But the next parts to it will be so much more interesting with all the battles and stuff ...
  10. This made me laugh so hard.... Also, GO SEE LOTR and The Hobbit!!! It's really good! ...
  11. Lol I haven't seen Avengers so I wouldn't know ...
  12. @MurderKilljoy OH HAI! Iron sky is such a good movie !
  13. HEY! I'm good! I'm getting ready for a biking trip I'm doing over the new years. Should be fun .
  14. OMFG as;fn;ctwthxa it is waaaay too hot right now........

  15. Yesterday me and my family went down from Auckland to Lake Taupo which is like a 4 hour ride. Had lots of fun . We bought a GoPro which is really cool! We had pizza and a buffet there . Although I played my iPod on the way back, I had to play songs that my family would like too like coldplay. But in the last ten minutes, I played MCR, and everyone was like "No.". I was like "We have at least listen to ONE song." Then we got back home at like 12am... Oh cool!
  16. Hey guys! Hows everyone goin? Went on a road trip today with my family ^^. It's 12 am and I just got back. Kinda tired..... so yeah that was my day .
  17. Haha guise! I got nothing . lol I should probs try make some friends this year.
  18. Lol merry christmas guys ! How's your guy's eve been?
  19. Lol It just turned Christmas here in New Zealand ...
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