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  1. i saw the hobbit... that part with the hedgehog! i almost cried.

    i probably would have liked it more if i was an lotr fan... to me, it just seemed like a bunch of dudes walking around + gollum stealing the show

    Lol! I know what you mean! After watching I said to myself, "The people who haven't read the book are gonna be like WTF did I just watch?"

    But the next parts to it will be so much more interesting with all the battles and stuff ^_^...

  2. I havn't seen LOTR or Star Wars. I'm hugely into Batman and DC, and I didn't see The Dark Knight Rises until 2 weeks ago. I've never seen Doctor Who, and I only got halfway through the first episode of Sherlock.

    Face it, I'm never gonna make it ;)

    This made me laugh so hard....

    Also, GO SEE LOTR and The Hobbit!!! It's really good! ^_^...

  3. Yesterday me and my family went down from Auckland to Lake Taupo which is like a 4 hour ride. Had lots of fun ^_^. We bought a GoPro which is really cool! We had pizza and a buffet there :). Although I played my iPod on the way back, I had to play songs that my family would like too like coldplay. But in the last ten minutes, I played MCR, and everyone was like "No.". I was like "We have at least listen to ONE song." Then we got back home at like 12am...

    Btw I just brought a new bookshelf and I put it together all by myself!! :D

    Oh cool! ^_^

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